25 conversation questions about laziness

25 Conversation questions about laziness

Conversation questions about laziness

Slothful, sluggish, idle…these are words that are used to describe lazy people. Being lazy is often frowned upon but sometimes it can also be a good thing! It can help us recharge our energy levels to go again the next day. Try discussing these laziness questions to find out just how lazy people are.

For ESL learners, the most difficult terms in this speaking activity include – define, put off, physical activity, motivation, physical health, chores, associate, feel guilty, regarded, culture, productive, and excuse.


The laziness discussion questions are –


1 – How would you define the word lazy? What does it mean to be lazy?

2 – Would you say that you are a lazy person? Do you ever put off doing things?

3 – Do you do much exercise and physical activity? What active things do you do?

4 – What kinds of things do you often do when you feel very lazy at home?

5 – Does the weather ever affect your laziness and motivation levels? In what ways?

6 – What is your laziest day of the week? What do you often do on this day?

7 – Who is the laziest person that you know? What makes them so lazy?

8 – If you were going to draw a picture about laziness, what would it look like?

9 – In what ways can being lazy be both good and bad for your physical health?

10 – Are there any chores that make you feel lazy when you think about doing them?

11 – Can you think of a time when another person being lazy made you feel angry?

12 – What are some animals that you associate with laziness? Why these animals?

13 – Where is a place in your hometown that people like to visit and be lazy?

14 – What is a job in which people can be very lazy? Would you like to do this job?

15 – Have you ever felt guilty about being lazy? What could you have done at the time?

16 – What are some examples of modern technology that have made people lazier?

17 – Would you say that your parents are lazy or hardworking? Why do you think so?

18 – What kinds of things do you eat when you feel too lazy to cook a healthy meal?

19 – Is laziness regarded as good or bad in your culture? What do you think about it?

20 – If you had to go somewhere that was 1 kilometer away, how would you get there?

21 – Would you like to be more productive than you are now? How could you do this?

22 – What are some bad habits of lazy people? What habits do motivated people have?

23 – Have you ever been so lazy that you didn’t go to work? What excuse did you give?

24 – What kind of music makes you feel lazy? What music helps you to get things done?

25 – If you had time for a free lazy day, would you prefer to be indoors or outdoors?

a lazy man working from home
Follow up activity

Here is an idea for a further activity to do once you have completed discussing the laziness questions.

Get your class or group to brainstorm ideas and ways they can reduce their laziness and be more productive. This should be a list of things like –

  • How to eat healthier to feel more energetic
  • A better and more enjoyable exercise routine
  • Changing sleeping habits
  • Joining clubs and suitable new hobbies
  • What things people can use to motivate themselves more

Once this is done, ask your group to create a daily or weekly planner and see if they can put it into action!

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