25 weather conversation questions

25 weather conversation questions

Weather conversation questions

The weather is one of the most talked-about subjects worldwide. Use these discussion questions about the weather to get your students chatting in no time.

The most difficult terms in this speaking activity that you may need to go over before starting include – freezing, scorching, forecast, disaster, global warming, complain, drought, flood, affect, and extreme.

For a good warmer or cooler activity also take a look at the weather vocabulary matching worksheets.

The weather conversation questions are –


1 – What is the weather like today? Do you like it?

2 – What would you describe as the perfect weather? What temperature do you like?

3 – Would you prefer the weather to be freezing cold or scorching hot?

4 – Where do you usually get your weather forecasts from? Are they usually correct?

5 – What time of year has the best weather in your country? What season is it?

6 – Have you ever felt afraid of the weather? What weather, and what did you do?

7 – What kinds of damage can natural disasters do to towns and cities?

8 – What time of year has the most rain where you live? Do you enjoy the rain?

9 – Do you believe in global warming? How could global warming affect the weather?

10 – How many different words related to weather can you think of in 1 minute?

11 – Do people in your country complain much about the weather? In which season?

12 – Has the weather in your country changed much in the last 10 years? In what ways?

13 – What kind of weather do you think is the most beautiful?

14 – If you were going to move somewhere else for nicer weather, where would you go?

15 – What do you think the weather will be like tomorrow? Will it be better than today?

16 – Does the weather affect your health? What kind of weather makes you feel sick?

17 – Which do you think is worse, flooding or drought? Why do you think so?

18 – What is the best food to eat during winter? What do you like to drink in summer?

19 – Can you think of some ways in which animals are affected by the weather?

20 – Have you ever seen snow, flooding, or a sandstorm? Where did you see this?

21 – What is a job in which the weather is important? Why is it important for this job?

22 – What is something that you should never do in a thunderstorm? Why not?

23 – Which country in the world do you think has the worst weather? What is it like?

24 – What is the most extreme temperature that you have ever experienced?

25 – Do you think that one day people will be able to control the weather? How could this be done?

beautiful sunrise on a mountain

Weather idioms

Here are some related wether idioms to share and discuss once you have finished the weather conversation questions. See if your students can make example sentences using these idioms.

A person who is under the weather is feeling sick and unwell.

To weather the storm is to put up with a difficult or challenging time in your life.

A fair-weather friend is someone who is only your friend when life is good. When problems arise they are not there to help you.

If you make heavy weather of something you make it more difficult than it needs to be.


clear weather above the clouds
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