20 neighbours conversation questions for ESL

20 neighbours conversation questions

Neighbours conversation questions

Here are the questions from the PDF –

Do you talk to your neighbours? Do you get on well with them?

Do your neighbours do anything that bothers you?

Would you like to have no neighbours at all?

Do you think you are a good neighbour? Why is that?

Do you trust your neighbours?

Are your neighbours nosy? How so?

What would your perfect neighbour be like?

Has a neighbour ever helped you? What did they do?

Can you hear your neighbours in their house?

How close do your neighbours live to you?

Do your neighbours ever borrow things from you?

Do children in your neighbourhood play together?

What would you do if your neighbours were too noisy?

Do any of your neighbours have pets? What do you think of them?

Do you know your neighbour’s names, ages and jobs?

Do you know any stories about bad neighbours?

Have you ever eaten with your neighbours? What was the occasion?

What sounds can you hear at night from your home?

Can you see your neighbours through a window?

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