kawaii kids crab coloring page

20 interesting crab coloring pages

Free crab coloring pages

These tasty crustaceans exist in all manner of colors and sizes and have been living on the earth since before the dinosaurs. There are in fact over 4500 different kinds of crabs living all over the planet. They make for great coloring subjects, check out the sheets below for a variety of styles and difficulty levels. You are bound to find one that you will love.

The first few crab coloring pages (above and below) are the easiest and are suitable for younger children. There are hermit crab coloring sheets, a robot crab, a letter tracing worksheet, a sunset crab, and an underwater crab for simple artistic fun.

Note that some of the simple pages offer a good chance for younger students to learn about shading. By using 1 or 2 other colors to an object you can make your pictures look more 3 dimensional.

Summer crab coloring pages

These coloring sheets feature a crab on a tropical island. They all have the same style of a happy crab living in a summer paradise surrounded by palm trees and mountains.

Next we have a mechnical, robot style crab, a happy underwater crab and a cartoon style king crab.

Did you know that the largest crab in the world is the Japanese Spider Crab? It measures around 4 metres or 13 feet in width and weighs in at 20 kilograms!

The pictures below feature sand and sea crabs with interesting patterns on their shells. By coloring in all the fine details with different colors you can make your crab a visual explosion!

Finally, we have an astrological crab in the night sky to represent the star sign of Cancer. An extremely detailed crab for teens and older artists, as well as an ocean scene with both crabs and lobsters.

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