free printable ufo coloring pages

18 Free UFO coloring pages (PDF)

UFO coloring pages

Here are some fun sci-fi-themed pictures to color in for both kids and adults. These free coloring PDFs have flying saucers with stereotypical dome shapes. There are cute and easy UFO coloring sheets as well as some more complex and difficult ones.

UFOs or unidentified flying objects are exactly that, something we cannot say for sure what they are. They can be an interesting topic and a fun way to inject space vocabulary into your classes.

The first few printable UFO coloring pages  (above and below), feature pictures of flying saucers in space. There are planets, stars, moons, and meteors around the spacecraft.

Remember that your space backgrounds don’t need to be plain black! You can use all sorts of colors to create a nebulae or galaxy sitting in the distance.

Science UFO page

This picture has a simple UFO that is surrounded by objects that are related to science and astronomy.

There are rocket ships, planets, stars, a radar dish, a telescope, and more.

Astronaut and UFO with an alien

Here a human astronaut is waving while standing in front of a UFO that has a three-eyed alien inside it.

They appear to be on the moon but it could be any planet. If you color the ground red, they could be on Mars!

Cute alien and UFO

Here is the same alien from the UFO coloring picture above. It is an easy sheet for younger children to enjoy.

Dinosaur UFO

In this picture, a smiling young dinosaur is flying a UFO in space. It is another cute one for kids with happy stars around planets in outer space.

Simple UFO with robot

This coloring page for children has a simple robot piloting a flying saucer. It is grinning and waving to someone on the outside.

U for UFO coloring page

This is a great page for kids who are learning the alphabet, and in particular, the letter U. The UFO and all the letters can easily be filled with colors.

Flying saucer with boy and cat astronaut

In this sheet, a boy is piloting a UFO while a cat goes outside for a spacewalk wearing a helmet.

Boy and girl in a UFO

Here a young boy and girl can be seen inside a UFO that is next to an Earth-like planet.

There is a large sun burning brightly above them along with a few stars.

UFO coloring pages for adults

The final collection of coloring PDFs is suitable for adults and teenagers due to their detail and subject matter.

The first page on the left is a somewhat surreal drawing with a hand coming out of the base of a UFO.

Older students interested in this subject will no doubt also enjoy the UFO conversation questions that can be used for discussion activities.

Next, we have a couple of rather complex pictures of UFOs in space. The planets have fine details and there are meteor belts around them. There are some lines through the illustrations to help you shade the space background with different colors.

Finally, we have some animals being lifted up into UFOs by light beams. The first sheet has a cow being transported from some farmland. The second page has a bear being pulled into a flying saucer at a campground clearing in a forest.

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