25 diy conversation questions

25 fun DIY conversation questions

DIY conversation questions

A conversation worksheet about DIY and making things yourself. This is a suitable topic for high school and older students. Everyone has tried to make something at some point in their lives, either with success or failure that is now a funny story to talk about.

The most challenging words on this discussion worksheet include – handy, tools, hole, project (noun), flat tyre/tire, assemble, model, decorations, craftsperson, instructions, fence, and traditional.

The DIY conversation questions are –

Do you think you are a handy person? What tools have you used?

Have you ever fixed something in your home? What did you fix?

What is something you would like to build or make? How much would it cost?

What interesting things made from recycled products have you seen?

Have you ever pained a room? What color did you paint it?

What tools do you own? Where do you keep all your tools?

Have you ever failed at fixing or making something? What went wrong?

Do you think you could build a dog house? What would you need to build one?

What do you do if you find a hole in your clothing?

Are your parents good at DIY? What things can they make?

What is a DIY project you would like to make but don’t think you can?

What is the best thing you have ever made by yourself?

Could you fix a flat tyre on a car or bike? Have you done it before?

Have you ever bought furniture that you had to assemble yourself? What was it?

Do you like to watch DIY shows on TV or the internet? What do you watch?

Have you ever put a model together? Was it difficult to do?

What do you think of DIY fashion? Would you ever wear something you made?

Have you ever bought any handmade products? Where did you buy them?

Who is the best DIY craftsperson that you know? What have they built?

Have you ever made your own decorations? What were they for?

Where do you get instructions and information for DIY projects?

Would you like to build your own home? What would you make it out of?

Have you ever done any outdoor DIY projects like a fence or a vegetable garden?

Are there any traditional crafts in your home country? What do people make?

diy tire recycling project
Idioms related to DIY

Once your class has finished discussing the DIY conversation questions, introduce them to some of these interesting related idioms.

A screw up is a mistake or error.

If you nail something, you achieve it or complete it.

A person who is hard as nails is physically or mentally very strong.

If you hammer home some information to a person you get them to understand it well usually by repetition.

To saw wood or saw logs means to sleep so soundly that you snore.


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