rain conversation questions

25 rain conversation questions

Rain conversation questions

25 discussion questions about the rain. The most challenging words on this worksheet are – thunderstorm, experience, caught, come out, downpour, ruin, drenched, hailstorm, hailstone, rainwater tank, forecast, and leak.


The rain conversation questions are –


1 – When is it the rainy season where you live? Do you get big thunderstorms?


2 – What is the heaviest rain you have ever seen? Describe what happened.


3 – Does your country experience flooding? What happens when it floods?


4 – What is the best thing to do on rainy days?


5 – Have you ever been caught in the rain with no umbrella? What did you do?


6 – What animals like to come out in the rain? Which ones have you seen?


7 – How does the land where you live change after a big downpour?


8 – Has rain ever ruined your plans for something? What was it?


9 – What kinds of wet weather clothing do you own?


10 – How many days of rain in a row can you handle before it annoys you?


11 – Have you ever been completely drenched by rain? Where were you?


12 – Do you like walking in the rain? How many times have you done it?


13- How many different words can you think of to describe rain in 30 seconds?


14 – What country do you think gets lots of rain? Would you like to live there?


15 – Have you ever seen a hailstorm? How big were the hailstones?


16 – Can you remember a time that you saw a beautiful rainbow? Where was it?


17 – How often do you check the weather forecast for rain?


18 – Do your drink rainwater in your country? Does your home have rainwater tanks?


19 – Do you think it is okay for children to play in the rain?


20 – Do you like listening to the sound of rain? How does it make you feel?


21 – Have you ever really wanted the rain to come? Why did you want rain?


22 – Do you prefer hot sunny days or cold rainy days?


23 – Sometimes it rains fish and other animals, how do you think this happens?


24 –  Has your roof ever leaked when it rained? What did you do about it?


25 – When do you next expect to see heavy rain in your hometown?

rain on a country road
Rain idioms

A good follow-up activity after the rain conversation questions is to teach your students some of these interesting rain idioms.

When people say it rained or is raining cats and dogs they are saying it is raining very heavily.

If you rain on someone’s parade, you spoil their fun or happiness.

The expression – when it rains it pours, means that one thing happens many similar things will happen afterwards. It is usually associated with good or bad luck.

If something is as right as rain it is good, correct or working well.

A person who is saving for a rainy day is saving money for a time in the future when the money will be needed or spent for fun.

rain clouds with a thunderstorm
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