cute ghost coloring pages

14 Cute ghost coloring pages (PDF)

Cute ghost coloring pages

Here are some cute ghost coloring pages for kids and early teenagers. These free PDF sheets feature happy, smiling, and unintimidating ghosts that look friendly. They are perfect for children’s Halloween activities and anything related to a spooky nature, but they aren’t too spooky!

The ghosts can be colored in any way that kids see fit, all the colors of the rainbow work with these pages. Another thing that can be done with these PDF sheets is to print them out and then cut out the ghost shapes once they are colored in. After that, they can be used to make collages, posters, wall murals, and a lot of other creative projects.

If you like any of these coloring sheets, simply click on the download PDF buttons, above or below, and it will lead you straight to that page without any problems.

This cute ghost looks like Dracula. It has 2 sharp pointed teeth and is wearing a cape as it glides through the air.

A ghost with flowers on its head happily sleeping on a crescent moon. There is also a sleeping cat perched above it.

This happy ghost is wearing a bowtie and a party hat as it drifts across a hilltop.

Here is a cute ghost coloring page for girls. This specter is moving along what looks like a hallway while smiling with a bow on its head and stars around it.

This ghost coloring sheet is a bit different in that kids have a chance to trace and color outlines. To make a beautiful picture it is best to use a dark color for the outline and then a lighter similar color for the space inside it.

Next, we have some cute ghost coloring pages with a Halloween theme. These pictures have all sorts of things associated with the fall holiday.

Along with kawaii ghosts, there are pumpkins, bats, witch’s hats, and candy for children to color in.

A simple Kawaii ghost coloring sheet that looks like an angel. The ghost has wings and a halo hovering above its head.

Here we have a cute witch ghost riding upon a broomstick. Again the outlines can be colored separately in this page.

A simple ghost with arms up in the air. There are also bats, stars, and flowers around it to be filled with colors.

Lastly, we have a cute ghost holding flowers. It is a simple happy picture for young learners to enjoy coloring.

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