25 first conditional conversation questions

50 First conditional conversation questions

First conditional conversation questions

In English, we use the first conditional tense to talk about what will happen in the future if a certain situation or event occurs. When you discuss these first conditional conversation questions, you are asking what will happen if a condition is met in the future.

This speaking activity will help English learners with this particular area of grammar and also their general discussion skills.

After completing the questions, learners are to create 6 new ones of their own from the provided picture prompts. This should be fairly straightforward but if you see students having difficulty, don’t be afraid to step in with some assistance.

For ESL learners, the most challenging terms in this first exercise include – scholarship, typhoon, hurricane, drop, wallet, invite, improve, lottery, bump into, borrow, lend, pass time, and stuck.


The first set of first conditional questions are –


1 – Who is the first person you will call if you have some wonderful news?

2 – What will you do tomorrow if you have an extra 4 hours of free time?

3 – If you are offered a job or scholarship in South America, will you take it?

4 – What will you buy the next time you go to a supermarket?

5 – Where will go for a holiday if you have $10 000 to spend?

6 – If a big typhoon or hurricane hits your town, what will happen to your home?

7 – What will you do if you drop your mobile phone in a bowl of hot soup?

8 – How will you react if your next meal at a restaurant is served cold?

9 – What will you wear tomorrow if all your clothes are dirty or wet?

10- If you find a wallet full of money, will you hand it in to the police?

11- What will you say to your friends if they forget about your birthday this year?

12- Who will you call if you see a large snake in your house tomorrow?

13- What will you do if you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep?

14- If your neighbor invites you to dinner, what will you bring to their house?

15- How will you improve your fitness if you start to feel unhealthy?

16- If there is a big party this weekend, will you go and take part in it?

17- What color will you paint your home if it needs to be repainted next year?

18- When will you know how to speak Italian if you start learning tonight?

19- Who will you help if you win the lottery or become rich one day?

20- What will you eat for breakfast if you don’t have any milk, bread, or eggs?

21- If you bump into a person on the street later today, what will you say to them?

22- What will you choose for a Christmas present if you can have anything you want?

23- If your best friend asks to borrow money, how much will you lend them?

24- What will happen to planet Earth if the polar ice caps melt completely?

25- How will you pass the time if you are stuck inside your home for 2 weeks?

First conditional conversation questions 2

This second page can be used in tandem with the first one if you split your class into groups of 2 and make it a pair work speaking activity. Each student will have a different sheet which will make them focus on their listening skills as their partner reads the questions.

The most difficult words for ESL students on this page include – delicious, appointment, knock, celebrate, wasp, sting, diet, romantic, appreciation, accidentally, and destroy.


The second set of first conditional questions are – 


1 – What will your family say if you don’t visit them for more than a year?

2 – If you want to eat delicious seafood, where will you go to eat it?

3 – What will you drink in the morning if you wake up feeling very thirsty?

4 – If you need to buy a new computer, where will you go to buy it?

5 – What time will you leave your home if you have a doctor’s appointment at 11 am?

6 – What will you do to find work if you need to get a new job next week?

7 – When will you visit your best friend if they ask you to come as soon as possible?

8 – Who will you take with you if you win a free holiday to Australia?

9 – What will you say to the police if they knock on your door at midnight?

10- Where will you go to cool down if the weather is very hot this weekend?

11- What kind of animal will you buy if your mother asks you to get her a pet?

12- How will you celebrate if you achieve all your goals this year?

13- What will you do to feel better if a wasp stings you on the arm?

14- Who will you ask for help if you have nowhere to sleep tonight?

15- If you hear a loud noise in your kitchen at 3 am, what will you do about it?

16- How will you try to relax if you are feeling very stressed about work or study?

17- What will you do if your home has no electricity or internet for 5 days?

18- If you want to try to lose weight, how will you change your diet?

19- What will you do if you get lost walking in a big forest?

20- If you save an extra 2000 dollars this year, what will you buy for yourself?

21- What will you wear to dinner if you are invited on a romantic date?

22- How will you learn to cook a dish if you have no idea how to cook it?

23- How will you show your appreciation if somebody helps you when you really need it?

24- What will you eat for lunch if you only have a fifteen-minute break?

25- If you accidentally destroy your father’s car, what will he say and do?

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