25 danger conversation questions

25 danger conversation questions

Danger conversation questions

Danger is an interesting topic that you can discuss with late teenagers and older students. This danger conversation questions worksheet also has 4 pictures that you can get your students to describe and compare to get the activity started.

The worksheet can be used for intermediate-level learners and above. The most challenging terms in this speaking activity include – situation, sign, react, signify, effective, and come across.


The danger conversation questions are –


1 –  How do you react to danger? Are you usually calm or overly worried?

2 – What is the most dangerous thing that you have seen this week?

3 – Which jobs do you think are very dangerous? Would you like to do any of these jobs?

4 – Have you ever seen a dangerous situation in the workplace? What happened?

5 – What is the most dangerous place in your hometown? Why is it dangerous?

6 – Does your country have many warning signs about danger? Can you give examples?

7 – What things are dangerous in your own home? Why are they dangerous?

8 – Do you think that danger is exciting? Why do you think some people like danger?

9 – Which sports do you think are dangerous? What things can happen in these sports?

10 – How would you react if you stepped on a snake or saw a tiger in the jungle?

11 – What do you think people should do when they are in dangerous situations?

12 – What colors do you think signify danger? Do you like to wear these colors?

13 – Are there too many safety rules to protect people from hurting themselves?

14 – What kinds of danger would you worry about your children coming across?

15 – Who is the first person that you would call for help if your life was in danger?

16 – In what ways can money be dangerous? Have you ever seen it cause problems?

17 – What is the most dangerous animal in your country? What can it do to be dangerous?

18 – If you were to go looking for danger tonight, where would you go and why?

19 – What do you think is the most dangerous country in the world? Why do you think so?

20 – Who do you think is the most dangerous person in the world and why?

21 – If you were to paint a picture of danger, what would it look like?

22 – In what ways did you protect yourself from danger today? Was it effective?

23 – How could your city change to have less danger? What can you do about it?

24 – Would you ever put yourself in danger for another person? Who and why?

25 – What things do you think that you will come across tomorrow that may be dangerous?

a dangerous gas bottle on fire

Danger expressions

Here are some interesting idioms and expressions about danger that you can introduce and discuss with your students once they have completed the danger conversation questions.

If you smell danger, you think or suspect that danger or something dangerous is nearby.

To fly in the face of danger is to do something risky that may end with injury or loss. A person who lives their life in such a way is said to live dangerously.

When a person tells you to watch your step, they are telling you to be careful.

Something that is at no risk at all to danger can be said to be as safe as houses.

a danger warning sign
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