25 exercise conversation questions

25 exercise conversation questions

Exercise conversation questions

Exercise is an important part of our everyday lives and we need to do it. You can use these discussion questions to talk about you, your friend’s, or students’ particular exercise regimes. It is a great conversation topic for intermediate-level learners and above.

The most difficult terms in this discussion activity include – personal trainer, push-ups, sit-ups, gymnasium, machinery, equipment, fitness, in shape, bodybuilding, muscular, local, and increase.

The exercise conversation questions are –


How much exercise do you do each day? Do you think it is enough for you?

Do you get any exercise when you are at work or school? What exercise do you do?

Is there a kind of exercise that you really dislike? Why don’t you like it?

Have you ever hired a personal trainer? Would you like to? Why or why not?

How many push-ups and sit-ups do you think you can do without stopping to rest?

Do you prefer to exercise or work out indoors or in a room or gymnasium?

Have you ever seen or heard of any strange ways that people like to exercise?

What kinds of exercise machinery and equipment do you own? Do you use it often?

Who is the fittest person that you know? What do they do to keep in shape?

How do you get the motivation to exercise? Does listening to music help you at all?

Can you remember a time when you were completely exhausted from exercise?

What is a kind of exercise or sport that you would like to try in the future?

Are you happy with your physical fitness and body shape? How can you improve it?

Do elderly people do much exercise in your local area? What do they often do?

What do you think about bodybuilding? Would you like to be very muscular?

Do you think that diet is an important part of exercise? In what ways?

Is obesity a problem in your country or are most people generally in good shape?

In what ways do you think exercise can increase happiness and reduce stress?

Do you often walk, or do you prefer to drive or ride to where you want to go? Why?

What is your favorite time of day to exercise? Why is this?

Do you think it is possible to exercise too much? What problems can it cause?

What would you say is the most popular form of exercise in your country?

Do you enjoy exercising alone or do you find it more fun to do it with other people?

Would you like to be a professional sportsperson? What sport would you do?

a man exercising doing sit-ups at home

Related exercise idioms and expressions

Here are some exercise expressions you can use to continue the discussion once you have completed the exercise conversation questions.

An exercise in futility is something that a person does that is a complete waste of time and will never succeed.

To pump iron means to lift weights at a gym or at home in order to gain muscle.

If a person is exercised about something it has annoyed them a lot.

The expression “No pain, no gain” often refers to working out. It can be painful to gain fitness and muscle.

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