sports conversation questions for ESL

25 Sports conversation questions

Sports conversation questions

A free pdf for discussion classes on the topic of sports. Difficult vocabulary in this activity includes – equipment (sports), involve, individual, celebrity, gamble, athlete, live, injury, and facilities.

The sports conversation questions are –

How many sports that use balls can you think of?

What sports involve animals?

Which sports do you enjoy watching on TV?

What sports are you good at?

What sport would you like to try?

What sport is your country good at?

What do you think is the most dangerous sport?

Do you prefer team sports or individual sports?

Have you ever met a sports celebrity?

Do you ever gamble on sports? Which ones?

Who is your all-time favorite sportsperson?

Do professional athletes in your country make a lot of money?

Are there any sports that you hate to play or watch?

What sports are expensive to play or do?

Have you ever watched a sporting event live? (not on TV)

Do your parents like or do any sports?

What water sports can people do in your country?

What things do you need to play football?

What sports facilities are near your home?

Have you ever had a sports injury?

How are sports good for you?

Which sport would you not let your child play? Why?

How many hours a week do you spend watching or doing sports?

What sports can you play or do with no money?

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tennis sports in a stadium
Useful sport vocabulary

Here are some more words and term that you may want to introduce to your students for talking about sports.

Referee – a person who oversees a game or sports and enforces the rules.

Fan – a person who supports a team or athlete.

Mascot – A human, animal or object that represents a team and is thought to brings good luck.

Spectator –  a person who watches a sport or game.

Champion –  the winner or first placed team or person in a competition.

Trophy – the prize given for winning a competition, often a cup or metal like statue.

Follow-up sport activities

See how many sports the class can name. Can they name a sport for each letter of the alphabet?

Once you have a list of sports see if students know the correct verb to use for each on – play, go, or do. For example, we play golf, go swimming and do karate.

Finally see if the class can name the sport, the place it is played, and the equipment used. For example –  Football is played on a pitch or field and requires a football, boots, goalposts, and a net. You can also try to elicit the verbs used when playing each sport such as pass, kick, score, head, foul, and so on.

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