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14 fun under the sea writing prompts

Under the sea writing prompts

Here are some free printable under the sea writing prompts with pictures that will help your students get creative. The pictures will give your classes plenty of ideas and they can interpret them in any way they like.

Each under the sea writing prompt worksheet also has a suggested writing idea for anyone who has difficulty coming up with a story or plot based on the picture.

The first ocean writing prompt above is of a wooden boat at sea with a giant squid lurking underneath. You could propose that it is a story about a fishing crew doing battle with a squid or trying to catch it. It could also be about a deadly ocean that nobody dares to cross.

How to use the under the sea writing prompts

Once you have printed out these writing prompts there are a few ways that you can go about using them.

You can print several different worksheets and let your students choose one that inspires them or just give them one at random and see what they can come up with.

If your pupils are not very imaginative you can give them the suggested story to get them started. Another way is to provide them with an interesting title. In any case, each writing task should have a title first and foremost. Hopefully, your class can come up with their own!

Another way to assist with creative writing is to give your would-be authors a word bank. A list of verbs, adjectives, and nouns that relate to the prompts can really help to get them started.

You can also get writers to plan out their story first, what or who is the writing about, what will happen and how will it end. This can make the tasks much easier to complete once everything is mapped out.

This is a kind of fantasy writing prompt with a forest of sharks. It actually doesn’t even need to be about the ocean but one idea could be to call it “The underwater jungle”.

It could be a story about a place where everything can live and breathe underwater. Who lives there? Where is it? Is it a dangerous place or one of harmony?

The man who transforms in the ocean. This under the sea writing prompt could be about a man who changes into a polar bear when he enters the sea. What does he do with his life and his superpower?

How does he keep his power a secret? What does he usually eat and where does he live?

You can call this ocean story something simple like “The giant eye”. It can be a tale of a diver who finds this new lifeform that is extremely intelligent. The story can detail how it communicates, travels, and what abilities it has.

Alternatively, it could be an alien being or something very dangerous to humans.

The ancient city. A story about some ancient ruins that are one day revealed after an earthquake. The city was built thousands of years ago by people with advanced technology.

Think of Atlantis for further ideas.

The underwater home. This writing prompt can be about people living in a house deep in the sea. What can they see out their windows? How do they get in and out of the house? Where does their food come from?

There could be a leak or perhaps a window breaks…..what happens next?

The water god. A story about a Poseidon-like being that can control the water in the ocean.

What amazing things can he do with water? How does he interact with sea animals? Does he like humans or not?

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A flooded world. A tale about the future where cities on earth have become completely flooded due to global warming.

Where do people now live and how do they travel?

The mermaid and the fisherman. This writing prompt could be about a mermaid who gets caught in a fisherman’s net.

What happens when the fisherman pulls her into his boat? Does he release her or can she escape?

The sea monster. This could be about a huge sea monster that travels underwater before arriving in cities and wreaking havoc.

Where did the monster come from? What abilities does it have and how can it be stopped?

The gigantic fish. This under the sea writing prompt picture could be about a massive fish that is bigger than anything else in the ocean.

What does it eat and where exactly in the ocean does it live? Will humans be kind to it or try to hunt it? Is it intelligent and how does it communicate?

The sunken treasure chest. This could be a yarn about a sunken chest that somebody finds while diving in the sea.

How can they get the chest out of the water? How can they open it and what is inside? How did the chest get to where it is and who once owned it?

The mega-shark. This could be a similar tale to the famous Jaws movies. A story about a super predator that terrorizes beachgoers and people playing water sports.

In which country’s waters does it live? What are its habits and who can stop it?

The magic seahorse. The writing prompt could be about a magical seahorse that helps people in need.

Perhaps it can communicate via telepathy. In what ways does it help people and other ocean animals? How old is it and does it have a family?

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