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11 printable funny picture writing prompts

Funny picture writing prompts

These funny picture writing prompts will make it easy for your students to start writing creatively. Forget boring writing tasks and use these interesting picture worksheets that make writing fun!

Each sheet has a unique picture as well as some suggested vocabulary that students can use. They can also ignore the suggested vocabulary completely, it is just for ideas. Once your students have completed their stories, they can share them with each other to review or present them to the class by reading them out loud.

Tips on using the funny picture writing prompts

Here are some tips that you may find helpful when introducing these activities –

  1. All stories should have a title so make sure your students create one for their story. Often it is easier to come up with one once the writing is finished but starting out with a title will help some students.
  2. It is a good idea for students to write a draft on a separate piece of paper. This helps them to write with less fear of mistakes and just start putting words down.
  3. Let your students know that they can write any story they like, no matter how crazy or silly it seems. It is good for them to know they have creative freedom.
  4. Write on the board the question words – who, what, when, where, and how. Let your class know that if they get stuck they can think of these words to come up with new writing ideas to answer them.
  5. Occasionally you will get students who really struggle to write creatively. In this case, help them out by giving them 2 or 3 scenarios or plots to choose from.
  6. Some students will benefit from brainstorming and drawing a mind map before they write. Get them to do this with the words – characters – setting – plot – ending.
  7. You can provide an example short story either printed out or on the board to help students grasp the concept of the activity.
  8. Make sure that the students break their writing up into paragraphs with each body of writing being about a separate idea.
  9. The sheets are meant to be used for creative writing, not picture description although you can also use them that way if you like.
Example of creative writing tip 5

As said in tip 5, sometimes students just draw a complete blank when it comes to creative writing. Here are some examples of further prompts using worksheet 2 as an example –

1 – An elephant escaped from a circus and uses the tricks it learnt to travel the world.

2 – The elephant is allergic to flowers and has to find ways to stay away from them.

3 – An old man lives on a flower farm and has a funny pet elephant that helps him.

4 – There are no roads on earth and all animals and people travel on ropes.

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