inventions writing activity 1

3 free inventions writing activity worksheets

Inventions writing activity worksheets

These worksheets make for interesting writing exercises. At first glance, they may appear a bit bland but this is what keeps them versatile. Each worksheet has 8 pictures of common inventions that are to be used as writing prompts. Read on and find out some of the different ways they can be used in your English classes.

Inventions writing activity 1 – Ranking

The first way you can use these worksheets is by getting your students to rank each of the inventions. They can rank them in order of importance or how useful they are and then write explanations for their reasoning.

Inventions writing activity 2 – Uses

Another activity for these worksheets is to get students to write about what purpose each invention has and what it is used for.

This is a good opportunity to teach the grammatical structures of – It is used to + verb/It is used for + verb +ing.

If we take a boat as an invention example, correct sentences would be as such – “A boat is used to travel across the water”, or “A boat is used for catching fish”.  Students can of course go into more detail and even write about what each invention is made of.

Activity 3 – New inventions writing

This creative writing activity is a lot of fun and often ends up with some hilarious results. By combing 2 or more of the 8 objects on their worksheet, students must create a new invention.

You can lay out some ground rules that the invention must be practical if you like but the craziest inventions are the funniest. You will get new inventions like laser glasses that blend things, shoe locks with alarms, fire drills, gluedozers, and hairdryer selfie cameras.

Students should give their invention a title or name, describe what it is used for, who would buy it, and how much it costs. Once their whacky invention descriptions are complete, students can present them to the class.

Activity 4 – Research assignment

The sheets can also be used as homework or research assignment where students must find out more about the inventions. Students can research who invented the objects, the year they were invented and any interesting history about the inventions.

It is best that the students focus on only 1 or 2 or 3 inventions that they can choose from the provided pictures on the handouts.

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