farm vocabulary matching worksheet for ESL

Free farm vocabulary printables

Farm vocabulary matching worksheets

Vocabulary worksheets on the topic of farms. Students simply need to write the correct words under the pictures. The first worksheet above is the most challenging. The answers are as follows – well, vegetables, cow, fence, orchard, irrigation, seeds, field, barn, wheelbarrow, windmill, log, gloves, plant seeds, sheep, tractor, hay, bucket, water plants, and shovel and rake. You may also want to check out the farm animals matching worksheet.

Once students have completed the worksheets a great follow-up speaking or writing task is to describe the uses or purposes of each object on the handout. For example, a farmer uses a well to draw water, cows are farmed for their milk, a wheelbarrow is used to carry things easily, and so on.

You could also play a taboo-style game where 1 or several students sit at the front of the class with their back to the board. Behind them write one of the words they’ve just learned or related vocabulary and get the rest of the class to describe the word in English. The object of the game is to get the students at the front of the class to guess the correct word. You can also give them 1 or 2 minutes and see how many words they can get in the allotted time. The student who gets the most correct answers is the winner. This works as a great activity for any topic.

For a related speaking worksheet have a look at the gardening conversation questions handout.

On the farm vocabulary worksheet

This worksheet has some different words and pictures from the first one. The answers are – rake, fence, silos, farmer, goat, fertilizer, scarecrow, shears, wheat, axe, horseshoe, tractor, pitchfork, hose, cow, shovel, sickle, sunshine, corn, and watering can.

Farm vocabulary words printable

A simple farm worksheet for beginners that is good for children and younger learners. The 12 pictures from left to right going down the page are – tractor, milk, plants, chicken, fruit, trees, sheep, vegetables, horse, fence, farmer, and windmill.

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