furniture vocabulary with pictures esl worksheet

Furniture vocabulary with pictures

Furniture vocabulary with pictures worksheets

Updated 22/5/2021

Handouts for students to match furniture and house fittings words with their pictures. Useful exercises for ESL classes on the topics of house and home.

For a related speaking activity check out the home conversation questions. It is also a great topic to practice prepositions of place. You can get students to describe their rooms or better still show them pictures where they can describe a room. The idea is to speak in sentences using prepositions such as next to, on, behind, under, above, etc.

The answers to the worksheet abpve from left to right are – bed, wardrobe, table, lamp, bookshelves, pot plant, vase, armchair, dressing table, sofa, cushion, office chair, chest of drawers, mirror, curtains, and desk.

Furniture vocabulary in English worksheet

This is a more difficult exercise that has 20 furniture pictures. The answers from left to right going down the page are –

Plant stand – Dishwasher – Cupboard – Medicine Cabinet – Clothes Rack

Fireplace – Grandfather Clock – Microwave Oven – Bath Tub – Range Hood

Air Conditioner – Washing Machine – Curtain – Mirror – Cradle

Oven – Wardrobe – Kitchen Table – Stool – Fridge

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