25 fears conversation questions

25 fears conversation questions

Fears conversation questions

This is a good conversation topic for older students. Everyone has phobias and things they are scared of, who is afraid of what in your class?

Some difficult words on this worksheet are phobia, conquer, react, heights, require and overcome.

The fears conversation questions are  –

Are you afraid of heights?

Have you ever been on a scary ride?

Are you afraid of death?

Which animal do you most fear?

What were you afraid of as a small child?

Do you like horror movies? What is the scariest movie you have seen?

What is your biggest fear in life?

Are there any illnesses you are afraid of?

Do you know anyone with a phobia?

Which do you fear the most, hospitals or dentists?

Are you afraid of speaking English?

Are you afraid of getting old?

What is the most terrifying experience you have ever had?

What kinds of things make you a little nervous?

How would you react if you saw a ghost?

So you think people can overcome their fears? How?

Do you know anyone with a strange fear?

Are there any scary places in your hometown?

How do you feel about flying? Would you ever go skydiving?

What are your parents afraid of?

What fear would you like to conquer?

Are you afraid of speaking in public?

What activities can you think of that require no fear?

Has fear ever stopped you from doing something?

Are you afraid of what other people think of you?


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