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6 free printable alliteration worksheets

Free printable alliteration worksheets

Sometimes students need to have fun when learning creative writing and these free printable alliteration worksheets allow for exactly that. Your class will come up with all sorts of whacky and weird word combinations. Once they’ve finished and you review their work it is always a barrel of laughs to see what students have written!

What is alliteration?

Alliteration is the combination of two or more words that begin with the same letter or sound. For example, soft sofas, cool kangaroos, or boring blue books.

A sentence uses alliteration if most of the words begin with the same letter or sound such as – Tim took time on his travel to taste tea. Alliteration usually (but not always) involves the initial sounds of words and cosonants.

How to use the free printable alliteration worksheets

These activities are all about being creative and having fun. There aren’t any rules that need to be followed except for those of alliteration as stated above.

To introduce the topic write a letter on the board and ask your class to give you some adjectives, nouns, and verbs that begin with that letter. Once you have a handful of words go ahead a make a simple grammatically correct sentence out of them. The more ridiculous the better!

You can demonstrate a few times if you feel it is needed. Once the class is ready, distribute one of the free printable alliteration worksheets to each student and let them go for it.

If you find your class struggles somewhat with vocabulary you can always provide some words for them. Letting students use a dictionary is also another option. Worksheet 1 (above) and 2 (below)involve animal alliteration.

free printable animal alliteration worksheet 2
easy animal alliteration worksheet
Easy animal alliteration worksheet

On this printable, half the sentences have been provided. It is an easy worksheet for ESL beginners where they only need to provide a few words for each sentence. You could provide half the sentences on the board for all the free printable alliteration worksheets if your class really needs it.

For low-level beginners, you can get them to just write 1 or 2 words.

Fruit alliteration worksheet

Again it is up to the teacher on how many words the students should write. The example on this fruit alliteration worksheet is merely to show what alliteration is.

The fruits are – mango, grapes, pear, cherries, apple,banana, and watermelon.

Jobs alliteration

Here are some jobs and characters that are fun for alliteration.

The jobs/characters are – astronaut, pilot, ninja, diver, sailor, soldier, and police man/police officer.

Fast food alliteration

Food works really well to make funny alliterated sentences. Maybe it is the thought of eating such foods that makes them hilarious.

The food pictures here are of – a burger, taco, sausages, ice cream, chicken, pizza, and a doughnut/donut.

Related further activities

If your class enjoyed these worksheets, they will most likely also enjoy tongue twisters which are very similar.

You can get students to make their own tongue twisters or have them practice reading some of the tongue twister printables that are here on ESL vault. Have a look at the TH sound tongue twisters, the S and SH tongue twisters and the animal tongue twisters PDFs.

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