jumbled up skeleton craft printable

6 free skeleton craft printables

Skeleton craft printables

Here we have a collection of skeleton craft printables. These are useful for lessons about the body, science, Halloween, pirates or good for just having some fun.

The first activity above is a jumbled up skeleton that needs to be reassembled. Your students will need a pair of scissors, a blank sheet of paper and some sticky tape or glue to complete the activity.

The size of the assembled skeleton matches the size of the paper you print it on. If you print in A4 the complete skeleton will fit on a blank A4 sheet. Note that at that size the pieces are a little small and quite fiddly for very young students.

There is a ket provided for the students to follow where to put the bones. Once they have completed putting the skeleton back together, you can ask the class to label the body parts or bones.

Printable skeleton mobile

The second skeleton craft printable is similar to the first but is much larger and is a wonderful mobile for students to hang in the classroom or at home. You will need to download both the printables to assemble the skeleton mobile.

To complete this task students will need scissors, sticky tape or a stapler to attach the pieces, and some string to hang it. There is no key on how to assemble the skeleton but it is fairly straightforward. Also, no cutting guides have been provided but just let students cut out the pieces the best they can and it will work out fine.

The bones can be joined at all sorts of angles. Let students create their mobiles with interesting poses! You can also join some parts of the skeleton together with butterfly pins. This makes the joints moveable and the body parts can move around.

Printable skeleton Mask

This is a very basic skeleton or skull mask that students can cut out, assemble and wear. Some holes have been marked where you can attach string but they don’t need to be used. For detailed instructions on making masks and more mask templates have a look at the page of printable paper masks for kids.

Printable skull coloring sheets

These skull coloring masks are quite detailed and are good for all ages. Once your students have completed coloring them in, you can also turn them into masks as well!

Skeleton craft pirate hat

This is a really easy hat craft project for students to colour, cut out, and assemble. To make the pirate hat it is best to print out 2 of these worksheets and join them at the ends. This makes for the perfect pirate captain’s hat with the skull and crossbones.

With two sheets back to back make sure to only join the two edges at the end of the sheets with either tape or a stapler. Then the hat can open out into a round shape and sit nicely on your student’s heads.

You can of course just use one sheet and make a headband of string or paper so that the hat is wearable.

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