25 nature conversation questions

25 nature conversation questions

Nature conversation questions

Nature is all around us, if only in small amounts in some places. It tends to give people a sense of well-being, although not everybody loves things like hiking and camping. You can use these discussion questions about nature to get any of your intermediate-level or above students chatting,

The most difficult terms in the nature conversation questions speaking activity include – landscapes, inhospitable, impact, local, surrounded, documentary, considered, logging, mining, introduced, concrete, global warming, and process.


The nature conversation questions are –


1- What are the first five words that you think of when you hear the word nature?

2 – What natural landscapes, plants, or animals are unique to your country?

3 – Is there much nature in and around where you live? Can you describe it?

4 – Where do you think the most inhospitable place to live on earth is? Why?

5 – How important is water to nature? Can you give examples of why it is important?

6 – Has anything in nature ever made you feel scared? What happened to you?

7 – What is the most beautiful thing in nature that you have ever seen? Where was it?

8 – Which 3 countries would you say have a lot of nature? Would you like to visit them?

9 – What is something about nature that you don’t like? How often do you experience it?

10 – Can you name your favorite animal, plant, tree, weather, and kind of landscape?

11 – What kind of impact are people having on nature in your local area? Give examples.

12 – What do you think would happen to the natural world if the human race died off?

13 – Do you feel happy when you are surrounded by nature? Why or why not?

14 – How often do you get to spend time in nature? When was the last time that you did it?

15 – Do you enjoy watching documentaries about nature? What is your favorite kind?

16 – Are there any places in your home country that are considered natural wonders?

17 – What would you say is the biggest threat to nature in the world right now?

18 – Do you like gardening? What types of trees, plants, or vegetables have you grown?

19 – Is there much logging or mining in your country? What does it do to nature?

20 – How could more nature be introduced into your hometown or city?

21 – Do you like to take photographs of nature? What is the best picture you have taken?

22 – Would you like to live in a world of concrete with no plants or animals? Why?

23 – What types of jobs involve working with and in nature? Would you like this work?

24 – Do you think that global warming is man-made or a natural process? Why/Why not?

25 – If you could change one thing about the natural world today? What would it be?

a natural landscape of flowers by a lake

Further activities

There are plenty of other activities you can do with your students either before or after discussing the nature conversation questions. Some ideas are –

  • Do a field trip to a park or school garden and get your class to list the nature they observe.
  • Do a writing task about what they enjoy about nature or how it is in the local area.
  • Have a nature photography competition (just about everyone has a smartphone now!)
  • Make a research project where students must find 10 or more nature-related idioms and explain them.
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