25 nature conversation questions

25 nature conversation questions

Nature conversation questions

Nature is all around us, if only in small amounts in some places. It tends to give people a sense of well-being, although not everybody loves things like hiking and camping. You can use these discussion questions about nature to get any of your intermediate level or above students chatting,

The most difficult terms in the nature conversation questions speaking activity include – landscapes, inhospitable, impact, local, surrounded, documentary, considered, logging, mining, introduced, concrete, global warming, and process.

The nature conversation questions are –


What natural landscapes, plants, or animals are unique to your country?

Is there much nature in and around where you live? Can you describe it?

Where do you think the most inhospitable place to live on earth is? Why?

How important is water to nature? Can you give examples of why it is important?

Has anything in nature ever made you feel scared? What happened to you?

What is the most beautiful thing in nature that you have ever seen? Where was it?

Which 3 countries would you say have a lot of nature? Would you like to visit them?

What is something about nature that you don’t like? How often do you experience it?

Can you name your favorite animal, plant, tree, weather, and kind of landscape?

What kind of impact are people having on nature in your local area? Give examples.

What do you think would happen to the natural world if the human race died off?

Do you feel happy when you are surrounded by nature? Why or why not?

How often do you get to spend time in nature? When was the last time that you did?

Do you enjoy watching documentaries about nature? What is your favorite kind?

Are there any places in your home country that are considered natural wonders?

What would you say is the biggest threat to nature in the world right now?

Do you like gardening? What types of trees, plants, or vegetables have you grown?

Is there much logging or mining in your country? What does it do to nature?

How could more nature be introduced into your hometown or city?

Do like to take photographs of nature? What is the best picture you have taken?

Would you like to live in a world of concrete with no plants or animals? Why?

What types of jobs involve working with and in nature? Would you like this work?

Do you think that global warming is man-made or a natural process? Why/Why not?

If you could change one thing about the natural world today? What would it be?

a natural landscape of flowers by a lake

Further activities

There are plenty of other activities you can do with your students either before or after discussing the nature conversation questions. Some ideas are –

  • Do a field trip to a park or school garden and get your class to list the nature they observe.
  • Do a writing task about what they enjoy about nature or how it is in the local area.
  • Have a nature photography competition (just about everyone has a smartphone now!)
  • Make a research project where students must find 10 or more nature-related idioms and explain them.
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