25 Halloween conversation questions

25 interesting Halloween conversation questions

Halloween conversation questions

Although its history and origin are not widely understood, Halloween has become a popular celebration around the world. You can use these Halloween conversation questions for a good discussion at this time of year.

The most difficult terms on this speaking worksheet include – dressed up, trick-or-treat, carve, Jack-o’-Lantern, haunted, celebrate, costume, cemetery, decorate, associate, commercial, and relate.

The Halloween conversation questions are –


Do people in your country celebrate Halloween? What things do people do?

Have you ever dressed up for a Halloween party? What did you dress as?

Do you know much about the history of Halloween? Where did it come from?

Is it safe for children to go trick-or-treating where you live? Why or why not?

Have children ever come to your home to trick-or-treat? What did you give them?

What season is Halloween in where you live? What is the weather usually like?

Have you ever carved a pumpkin into a Jack-o’-Lantern? How did it turn out?

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever been to a haunted house?

What kinds of tricks do children do if they don’t receive any candy or gifts?

What kinds of candy have you received as Halloween gifts? Did you like them?

Do you have any plans to celebrate Halloween this year? What do you plan to do?

Have you ever felt afraid during Halloween? Why did you feel scared?

What is the best Halloween costume you have ever seen? What was it made of?

Would you be willing to spend a night sleeping in a cemetery? Why or why not?

Why do you think that some people around the world are afraid of witches?

What is your favorite thing about Halloween? Is there anything that you dislike?

Do people in your neighborhood decorate their homes for Halloween? In what ways?

Has anyone ever played a trick on your home? What did they do to it?

What kinds of animals are associated with Halloween? Why do you think they are?

Are there any Halloween festivals where you live? What happens at them?

Do you think that Halloween has become too commercial or is it just good fun?

What are the most common colors that you think relate to Halloween?

Do schools in your country have Halloween activities? What do students get to do?

Are there any dangerous things that can happen during Halloween? What are they?

crows on a tree for a Halloween scene

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Once you have completed discussing the Halloweeen conversation questions there are some good activities here at ESL Vault. Check out the Halloween worksheets, they include anagrams, vocabulary matching worksheets, a crossword, and a word search puzzle.

a Halloween Jack-o'-Lantern

Interesting Halloween facts

Here are some interesting facts that you can inform your students about if they are unaware of the origins of Halloween.

Depending on the sources you read its origin is different. Halloween can be said to be a Celtic holiday that originated in Ireland and was called Samhain. It is also claimed to be originally a Christian holiday.

Originally Jack-o’-Lanterns were carved into potatoes and turnips. In the early days of the USA when people from Ireland migrated to America, pumpkins became the vegetable of choice.

Jack-o’-Lanterns were meant to ward off evil spirits and help the good spirits find their homes.

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