25 law conversation questions

25 law conversation questions

Law conversation questions

A free discussion worksheet about the law. Some of the challenging terms on this printable are – get rid of, defund, capital punishment, courthouse, petty crimes, commit, strict, trial, verdict, innocent, imprisoned, judge, wig, reformed, legal system,  and sue.

The law conversation questions are –

What do you think about the laws in your country? Are they all needed?

What would it be like if there were no laws at all?

If you could create one new law, what would it be?

Are there any laws that you would like to get rid of? Why?

In America, some cities want to defund the police, what do you think of this?

What are your thoughts on capital punishment (the death penalty)?

Have you ever been to a courthouse? Why did you go there?

What kind of sentences do bank robbers get in your home country?

Do you feel that where you live is safe? How could it be made safer?

What do you think are petty crimes? Have you committed any?

If you could commit one crime and get away with it, what would it be?

What country do you believe has the strictest laws in the world?

Do you know of any crazy or strange laws? What are they?

Are there any laws where you live that stop you from doing things you like?

Can you think of a famous trial? What was it about? What was the verdict?

Sometimes innocent people get imprisoned, how does this happen?

What do you think of lawyers? Would you like to become one?

Why do you think judges wear wigs in places like the UK and Canada?

What happens to children who commit crimes in your country?

Do you think criminals can be reformed in prison?

Do you trust your country’s legal system to always do the right thing?

Where do you think would be the worst place in the world to be imprisoned?

Have you ever called a lawyer for legal advice? What was it about?

Do you know anyone who has been sued or sued someone else?

A law courthouse in Germany
Law idioms

A person who thinks they are above the law thinks that the law does not apply to them. They don’t obey the law like other people around them.

Murphy’s Law or Sod’s law is the idea that if something can go wrong then it will.

If you lay down the law, you tell someone how to behave or give them orders in a stern way.

A person who does whatever they like with no regard to rules is said to be a law unto themself.

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