25 natural wonders conversation questions

25 Natural wonders conversation questions

Natural wonders conversation questions

Natural Wonders are generally known as majestic places on our planet that inspire awe with their beauty. In modern times organizations have created lists of these destinations for nature lovers and tourists alike.

These natural wonders discussion questions are perfect to get anyone with such interests started in conversation. The most difficult terms in this speaking activity for ESL learners include – migration, hot spring, temperature, exist, spectacular, view, fear, indigenous, religious, and protected.


The natural wonders conversation questions are –


What natural wonders are there in your country? What would you say are the top 5?

Are there any natural wonders that you hope to see one day? Where are they?

Which country do you think has the most natural beauty? What can you see there?

Do you think that storms and animal migration are natural wonders? Why or why not?

Would you prefer to see an amazing waterfall, a tall mountain, or a cave?

Have you ever visited a hot spring? What temperature was the water in the spring?

Can you think of any natural wonders that may not exist 100 years from now?

What is the most amazing thing that you have ever seen in nature? Where was it?

How can visiting natural wonders be dangerous for tourists? What can happen?

If you made a list of the top 10 natural wonders in the world, what would be on it?

What kinds of spectacular things can be found underneath the world’s oceans?

How do people decide if something is a natural wonder or not?

What is the best view that you ever seen? How long did you spend looking at it?

Which do you find most interesting, natural wonders or man-made wonders? Why?

Where is a wonderful island that you’d like to go to? What is on the island?

Do any natural wonders make you feel fear? Why are you afraid of this place or thing?

If you found a natural wonder that nobody knew about, would you tell anyone?

Where is the clearest water that you have ever seen? Did you swim in the water?

Can you think of or imagine any new natural wonders that might form in the future?

Many natural wonders are religious sites for indigenous people, why is this so?

What natural wonders do you think can be seen on Earth from space?

Why do you think that most natural wonders are big? Can there be small wonders?

What would be the best natural wonder to visit if you were looking for an adventure?

What kinds of things can destroy natural wonders? How can they be protected?

An active volcano in Indonesia that is a natural wonder

Notes on the questions about natural wonders

The first question on the natural wonders worksheet asks speakers to guess where the pictures are from. Here are the answers –

1 – The northern lights or aurora borealis. This picture was taken in Finland but could well be anywhere close to the North Pole.

2 – The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Island. This natural wonder has hexagonal-shaped basalt columns.

3 – The Iguazu Falls which are located on the border of Brazil and Argentine. This is said to be the largest system of waterfalls on the planet.

4 – The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This gigantic network of coral reefs spans over 130 square miles of ocean, almost 350 000 square kilometers.

5 – The Dolomites, mountains in the northeast of Italy. This natural wonder is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6 – Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park, The United States of America. The beautiful colors of this hot spring are actually caused by bacteria!

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