birds worksheet difficult esl vocabulary

Birds worksheets – ESL vocabulary matching

Birds worksheets

Here are some bird name vocabulary matching worksheets that are suitable for different levels of English ability. They can be printed in black and white although it really helps if, in addition, you project the coloured pdf as well for the class to see.

These worksheets act as great warmers for the discussion questions about birds activity.

The first worksheet above is quite challenging and is meant for advanced ESL students. It could also be used as a homework or internet research activity for lower-level learners. There are 20 birds on this handout, the answers from left to right are as follows – flamingo, crow, hawk, cockatoo, ostrich, toucan, hummingbird, vulture, pelican, penguin, macaw, pigeon, owl, parrot, puffin, peacock, turkey, heron, gull, and sparrow.

12 birds vocabulary worksheet

An easier handout with 12 of the more well-known winged animals. The answers are – peacock, parrot, pigeon, toucan, canary, penguin, woodpecker, flamingo, swan, ostrich, owl, and hawk.

Easy birds worksheet

A handout for beginners, there are only 9 feathered friends which are – turkey, owl, peacock, ostrich, chicken, penguin, toucan, parrot, and duck.

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