means of transport vocabulary worksheet

Means of transport vocabulary worksheets

Means of transport vocabulary worksheets

Free means of transport vocabulary worksheets in PDF form you can download them or simply print them from your web browser. The handout above in intermediate level difficulty, the answers are –

Truck -Van – Tractor – Dump Truck

Zepplin – caravan – Submarine – Helicopter –

Boat – Rocket – Tram/Trolley – Ship

Aeroplane – Bicycle – Scooter – Hot-air Balloon

You may want to mention to your students that Tram is British English while Trolley is American. Similarly, a truck is usually called a lorry in the U.K. A dump truck can also be called a tip truck. Aeroplane is British while Airplane is the common word in North America.

Easy transport vocabulary ESL

This worksheet is quite easy with only 12 of the most common vehicles to match and name –

Helicopter – Plane – Fire-engine – Truck

Rocket – Bus – Hot-air balloon – Ship

Ambulance – Bicycle – Submarine – Train

Transport vocabulary Advanced

A challenging vehicle matching handout for high-level ESL classes or research/homework assignments.

There are some variations in English around the globe when it comes to labeling vehicles and transport. For example, a speedboat is a boat with a motor built for speed. It can often be just called a motorboat – a fast one!  A campervan, often just called a camper is sometimes called a motorhome. Generally speaking, motorhomes are bigger than campervans, they’re much more comfortable and can have dining areas, beds, and even showers – just like a real home.

Some people call a scooter a moped although traditionally a moped had pedals and a motor. A convertible can be known as a cabriolet or soft top amongst other names. An SUV (sports utility vehicle) is in many places simply referred to as a four-wheel drive.

Some folk might call an excavator a digger. A garbage truck may also be described as a trash truck in the U.S.A. or as a bin wagon or bin lorry in the U.K. The rousing technical names for these machines are waste or refuse collection vehicles.

Muscle cars can be termed supercars, they are high-performance cars with big engines and of American make designed for drag racing.

In any case, the answers for the advanced handout below are –

Tractor – Sailboat – Tow Truck – Campervan

Scooter – Speedboat – Forklift – Tricycle

Convertible – Crane Truck – SUV – Excavator

Garbage Truck – Caravan – Muscle Car – Motorhome

Transport activities to follow up the handouts

You can get your class to describe what each vehicle is for, either as a speaking or writing activity. For example – A truck is used to transport goods or heavy things across land, a dump truck is used to carry dirt or rocks, we use a hot-air balloon to travel high in the sky or see things as a tourist. It’s up to you how set the sentence structure.

For discussion in your class about transport look at the transport conversation questions, the driving conversation questions, and the flying conversation questions.

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