printable animal quiz worksheet

Free printable animal quiz worksheets

Printable animal quiz worksheets

Here is another free fun animal activity where students need to mark the animal trivia true or false. The vocabulary is quite simple but it is interesting enough to be used for all age groups.

You can use these worksheets in several ways such as –

  1. Make them class competitions where students work in teams or individually.
  2. Make them listening activities where you dictate the sentences and students must listen and write true or false on a piece of paper.
  3. Play a game where students must stand, answer, and sit down when they are incorrect. The last person standing is the winner.
  4. You can use the questions individually to play games like jeopardy, bomb games, and who wants to be a millionaire.


The questions and answers on the first printable animal quiz worksheet above are –

  1. Elephants can jump 10 centimetres. False. Elephants cannot jump.
  2. A mouse’s teeth never stop growing. True
  3. Some crickets have ears on their knees. True.
  4. There are less than 1000 kinds of bats. False. There are over 1100.
  5. Grizzly bears in North America eat fruit. True
  6. Polar bears have white skin. False. Polar bears have black skin.
  7. Cows can sleep standing up. True.
  8. Bulls hate the color red. False. Bulls and cows are color blind.
  9. Australian wombats have square poop. True.
  10. A cat cannot taste sugar. True
  11. Puppies are born without teeth. True
  12. Flamingos are born pink. False. They are born white, their diet turns them pink.
  13. Crocodiles cry when they eat. True.
  14. Dogs have 2 eyelids. False. Dogs have 3 eyelids.
  15. A barn owl eats around 1000 rats and mice each year. True.
  16. An octopus has 2 hearts. False.  They have 3 hearts.
  17. Penguins cannot hear well. False. They have good hearing.
  18. An emperor penguin can dive up to 500 metres underwater. True
  19. Goats have square pupils in their eyes. True
  20. Camels keep water in their humps. False. They store fat in their humps.
  21. A swan can break your arm. True. They have broken people’s arms and legs.
  22. Sea otters hold hands when they sleep. True. They do this so that they don’t drift apart in the ocean.
printable animal quiz worksheet 2
Printable animal quiz worksheet 2

The animal trivia and answers for sheet 2 are –

  1. Horses can whistle. False
  2. Squirrels are color blind. True.
  3. A chicken is faster than a pig. False.
  4. Ants only sleep 2 hours a day. False. Ants do not sleep at all.
  5. A koala sleeps for up to 22 hours a day. True.
  6. A giraffe can lick its own nose. True. Their tongues are 18 inches long.
  7. Tigers have stripes on their skin. True.
  8. Crabs have 12 legs. False. Crabs have 10 legs.
  9. Caterpillars have 12 eyes. True.
  10. Anteaters don’t have any teeth. True.
  11. Elephants can’t swim. False. They can swim very well.
  12. Cows cannot see at night. True.
  13. Kangaroos can walk backwards. False.
  14. Penguins carry their eggs with their feet. True.
  15. Big dogs live longer than small dogs. False.
  16. Snakes smell with their tongues. True.
  17. Pigs have 16 toes. True.
  18. Lobsters can live to be 100 years old. True.
  19. Elephants live longer than tortoises. False. A giant tortoise can live to 150.
  20. All snakes lay eggs. False. Some snakes give live birth.
  21. Flies taste food with their feet. True.
  22. Chickens have dreams. True.
  23. There are ants in Antarctica. False.
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