25 farming conversation questions

25 farming conversation questions

Farming conversation questions

A free printable worksheet of farming discussion questions for English speaking practice. Challenging terms on this handout are – popular, technique, irrigate, machinery, environment, affect, fertile, urban, produce (noun), organic, dairy, and livestock.

Note that for the perfect warm-up or cooler activity, you can use one of the farm vocabulary printables.


The farming conversation questions are –


1 – Would you like to be a farmer? What do you think the lifestyle of a farmer would be like?

2 – Have you ever spent time on a farm? What did you do there?

3 – What kinds of farming are popular near where you live?

4 – What do you think is the easiest farm animal to raise?

5 – Are farmers usually rich or poor in your country? What do they grow?

6 – What are some different techniques or ways farmers irrigate their crops?

7 – Would you prefer to work on a farm in the country or in an office in a city?

8 – What fruit and vegetables are the most expensive in your country?

9 – What kinds of farm machinery and tools can you name?

10 – Are there any animals you would hate to farm? What are they and why?

11 – Do you think that farming is good or bad for the environment?

12 – What things would you need to do to look after 100 horses or sheep?

13 – What kinds of problems do farmers have to deal with each day?

14 – Are there any fish farms in your country? Where and what fish are farmed?

15 – In what ways does the weather affect farming and farmers?

16 – What are some of the most fertile areas in your country?

17 – Have you ever seen any urban farming? What was grown there?

18 – Do you ever check to see if the produce you buy is organically farmed?

19 – How much land do you think you need to make money as a farmer?

20 – What different kinds of foods do farm animals eat?

21 – What things would a dairy farmer do each day?

22 – What do you think are the dirtiest livestock to raise?

23 – What time of day do you think farmers usually get up and go to bed?

24 – If you were to start a farm, what food would you like to grow?

25 – How do you think farming will change in the future?

mountain rice farming in Asia
Farming idioms

If you bet the farm, you risk everything you own on an idea or bet.

To sell the farm is to sell everything you own.

To buy the farm means to die.

The funny farm is a slang term for a hospital that takes care of mentally ill patients.

The fat farm is a slang term for a place people go to lose weight.

If you have a cow, you become very angry. Sometimes this also refers to excessive excitement.

If you pig out, you eat very quickly and greedily.

rows of pepper plants on a farm
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