hotel conversation questions for ESL classes

50 hotel conversation questions

Hotel conversation questions

Updated 30/7/2021

Discussion questions about hotels that are useful for classes about travel or hospitality. Also, check out the hotel vocabulary matching worksheet for a good warm-up exercise before discussing these questions.

Challenging words you may need to teach students on this handout include – room service, luxury, complain, toiletries, hostel, motel, check in and out, complimentary, facilities, minibar, and view.

The hotel conversation questions are –

What kinds of room service are there?
When was the last time you stayed in a hotel?
What kind of hotels do you usually stay in – small, guesthouses or luxury?
What is the best hotel you’ve ever stayed in? Describe the room.
What towns or cities in your country have many hotels?
Have you ever had a bad hotel experience? What was it?
Have you ever complained at a hotel? What did you complain about?
What do you think about when choosing a hotel to stay in?
Do you like to take the toiletries home from hotels?
What is the difference between a hotel, a hostel, and a motel?
Have you ever checked out late? Why? Was there a fee?
What things do you think should be complimentary in hotel rooms?
Do you ever book hotels online? What websites do you use?
Do you like to use room service? What things do you order?
Do you ever drink or eat things from the minibar or do you bring your own?
What kinds of facilities do 5-star hotels have?
What kind of room would you expect from a 1-star hotel?
Have you ever tried a homestay or farm stay? Would you like to?
Would you like to work in a hotel? Why or why not?
Have you ever lost or forgotten something at a hotel? What did you do?
What do you need to check into a hotel in your country?
What is the best view you have ever had from a hotel room?
Have you ever stayed in a hotel room with no windows? How did you feel?
What is the longest amount of time you have stayed in a hotel?

Hotel conversation questions 2

Here is a second hotel conversation questions worksheet to take your discussion classes even further!

Difficult terms on this free printable speaking activity include – hostel, tip, complain, honeymoon, bedbugs, stolen, request, damage, and switch.

What is the most famous hotel you can think of? How much is 1 night there?
Have you ever stayed in a hostel? How many beds were in the room?
What would you do if your hotel room shower stopped working?
Would you ever complain if there was loud noise or music near your hotel room?
Do you think hotel workers should be tipped? How much should you give?
What do you think of hotel breakfasts? Have you ever had a really good one?
What kind of hotel would you choose for a honeymoon? Where would it be?
Is there a peak time for hotels in your country? When is it?
What do you think is the most you would ever pay for a hotel room?
Have you ever been bitten by bedbugs in a hotel? Where were you staying?
Would you rather stay in a hotel in the mountains, in a forest, or by the sea?
What different kinds of rooms do large hotels usually have?
Have you ever had something stolen from a hotel room? What did you do?
In some countries the hotels keep your passport, how do you feel about this?
If you arrived in a city late at night, how would you choose a hotel to stay in?
Why is smoking not allowed in many hotels these days?
Do you prefer hotel beds or your own bed at home?
Do you ever make any special requests when you stay in hotels? What are they?
If you could build your own hotel what would it look like? What would you call it?
What accommodation could you get for $100 USD a night in your town or city?
In your country, what time must you check out of a hotel?
Have you ever had to pay for damaging or losing something from a hotel room?
Have you ever asked to switch hotel rooms? What was the reason for this?
What country do you think has the best hotels in the world?

tropical hotel with a pool
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