25 history conversation questions

25 history conversation questions

History conversation questions

Here are some interesting discussion questions about history that are suitable for upper-intermediate level English learners and above.

The most challenging words in this speaking activity include – period, fascinating, admire, event, landmark, figure (historical), empire, civilization, discovery, and related.

The history conversation questions are –

What do you think is the most interesting period in world history?

Do you know much about the history of your country? How did it begin?

Besides your own country, which country’s history do you find the most fascinating?

Who is a person from history that you greatly admire? What did they do?

If you could go back in time to experience any historical event, what would it be?

What kinds of historical landmarks are there to visit near where you live now?

Who is a person that is alive today that you think will be remembered in history?

What is a historical place that you hope you will one day get to visit?

Can you think of a time and place in history that you are glad you weren’t alive for?

What history were you taught at school? Did you enjoy learning about it?

Who do you think is the worst person in history? Why were they so bad?

What time and place in history do you think created the most beautiful art?

Would you prefer to live now or 500 years ago somewhere else? Explain why.

What is your favourite historical book or movie? Why do you like it so much?

Has your country experienced much war in its history? Who has it fought against?

Does your country have any great heroes from the past? Why are they remembered?

Do you like visiting museums? When did you last visit one and what did you see?

Can you name 10 different historical figures from 10 different countries?

Which countries or cultures do you think have been unlucky in history?

What was the greatest past empire or civilization that the world has ever seen?

Where and when in history were some of the greatest scientific discoveries?

What is a major historical event that you think could happen in the next 100 years?

What’s a national holiday celebrated by your country that is related to history?

Would you like to be remembered in history? What for?

ancient city ruins in Turkey

Related history idioms and phrases

Here are a few history idioms you can share and discuss once you have completed the history conversation questions. See if your class can make example sentences using them.

To say someone or something is history means to say it is no longer important, forgotten, broken, or destroyed.

When a person says “and the rest is history” they are ending their story because everyone listening knows what happens at the end of it.

If something happened a long time ago we can say that it happened donkey’s years ago.

Something that is a thing of the past is no longer popular or may not be around or alive anymore.

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