free printable sports worksheets 1

5 free printable sports worksheets

Free printable sports worksheets

Here is a collection of free printable sports worksheets for English learners. There are worksheets about general sports, sports equipment, winters sports and a word search puzzle!

If you are looking for sports speaking activities, check out the general sports conversation questions, the water sports conversation questions, and the extreme sports conversation questions.

The answers for the first sports worksheet above are –

1 Football, 2 Badminton, 3 Volleyball, 4 Ice Hockey, 5 Boxing, 6 Basketball, 7 Bowling, 8 Billiards, 9 Swimming, 10 Table tennis, 11 Baseball, 12 Fencing, 13 American Football, 14 Archery, 15 Athletics, 16 Tennis, 17 Cycling, 18 Weightlifting, 19 Gymnastics, and 20 Golf.

Once your students have completed this activity, see if they can name the places where each sport is played. If need be, you can write a list of places such as court, field, range, hall, track etc on the board to help them.

Sports worksheet 2

This worksheet contains sports avatars for students to match with the correct names.

After your class has completed this exercise, ask them to assign the correct verb to each sport – go, play or do.

The solution to this worksheet should be –

1 cricket, 2 karate, 3 baseball, 4 ice hockey, 5 weightlifting, 6 darts, 7 fencing, 8 sumo wrestling, 9 badminton, 10 American football, 11 bowling, 12 cycling, 13 rugby, 14 diving, 15 equestrian, 16 swimming, 17 golf, 18 surfing, 19 snooker, qnd 20 beach volleyball.

Sports equipment worksheet

This free printable sports worksheet has pictures of equipment and things used to do sports.

Once completed you can ask students to explain how or what each piece of equipment is used for. For example, a mask and snorkel are used to see and breathe when you float on water.

The solution for this activity is as follows – 1 mask and snorkel, 2 surfboard, skipping rope, 4 barbell, 5 boxing glove, 6 football boots, 7 stopwatch, 8 skateboard, 9 helmet, 10 kayak, 11 treadmill, 12 yoga mat, 13 trampoline, 14 ice skate, 15 shuttlecock, 16 bow and arrow, 17 poles and skis, 18 racket, 19 frisbee, and 20 golf clubs.

Winter sports worksheet

This is a simple vocabulary matching activity with 12 winter sports (apart from ski lift).

The answers here should be –

1 snowboarding, 2 figure skating, 3 ice hockey, 4 skiing, 5 ski lift, 6 biathlon, 7 mountain climbing, 8 bobsledding, 9 snowmobiling, 10 kite skiing, 11 curling, 12 slalom skiing.

Sports word search puzzle

In this word search puzzles the sports names are not provided and their are pictures instead.Not that the words are hidden in all directions, even diagonal and backwards.

Reading from  left to right the pictures represent these sports and words-

cycling, sailing, golf, surfing, bowling, cricket, diving, archery, skipping, baseball, yoga, table tennis, badminton, hockey, swimming, basketball, skateboarding, and running.

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