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21 idioms about fun

Idioms about fun

Here we have another list of English language expressions. These expressions are all common idioms used to talk about fun and enjoyment.

The idioms about fun are –

  1. All fun and games
  2. A barrel of laughs
  3. Blow away the cobwebs
  4. Blow off some steam
  5. Just for kicks
  6. Feast your eyes
  7. Get a kick out of
  8. Have a ball
  9. Have a blast
  10. A whale of a time
  11. Time of your life
  12. All fun and games until someone loses an eye
  13. Kick up your heels
  14. Let your hair down
  15. Live it up
  16. Make someone’s day
  17. Monkey around
  18. More fun than a barrel of monkeys
  19. Paint the town red
  20. Time flies
  21. With bells on


Now, here are the idioms about fun meanings with example sentences.

1 – If something is all fun and games, it is very enjoyable at not at all serious. This is often used in negative sentences.

Example – Being a race car driver isn’t all fun and games, it is very easy to have an accident and get injured.

2- A barrel of laughs is something or someone that is the source of lots of enjoyment and laughter. This idiom is often used in an ironic way or in negative statements.

Example – I hope John is coming to the party, he is a barrel of laughs.

Example 2 – She can’t find a job these days, her life isn’t exactly a barrel of laughs.

3 – To blow away the cobwebs is to do something that gives you some fresh air, enjoyment, and clears your head.

Example – After studying all day for the exam, they went down to the beach to blow away the cobwebs.

4 – When you blow off some steam, you go out and have fun after a time of feeling negative emotions such as stress. You can also blow off steam by letting out anger or by doing physical exercise,

Example – After a hard working week, he likes to go fishing in the river to blow off some steam.

5 – If you do something for kicks or just for kicks, you do it for no reason except to enjoy yourself.

Example – He doesn’t need any more money but he gambles on the horses just for kicks.

people having fun at the beach

6 – To feast your eyes on something is to really enjoy looking at it, often for a long time.

Example – He spent an hour in the arcade feasting his eyes on all the new video games.

7 – If you get a kick out of something it brings you excitement, enjoyment, or happiness.

Example – She really gets a kick out of riding fast motorcycles.

8 – To have a ball is to have a lot of fun doing something. This is one of the most commonly used idioms about fun.

Example – We had a ball at the party last night.

9 – To have a blast also means to have a lot of fun or excitement (blast means explosion).

Example – They are having a blast riding the rollercoaster.

10 – To have a whale of a time is to have a great time.

Example – We had a whale of a time camping in the mountains.

11- If you have the time of your life, you have so much fun that it is considered the best time you have ever had in your lifetime. It is mostly used as hyperbole or exaggeration to emphasize that you had a good time.

Example – The children had the time of their lives playing in the park last Sunday.

a woman having a ball on a swing - fun idioms

12 – It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye is a warning about doing something dangerous where you may get hurt. It is often spoken to children who are enjoying themselves doing something in which they might injure themselves.

Example – A mother – “Be careful jumping on that trampoline with your sister, it is all fun and games until someone loses an eye!”

13 – To kick up your heels is to really enjoy yourself. It usually refers to having fun in a lively way such as dancing but can also mean having fun by relaxing.

Example – She kicked up her heels at the nightclub and danced for hours.

14 – If you let your hair down, you relax and enjoy yourself informally with more freedom than you usually do

Example – On the weekends, when she isn’t in the office, she lets her hair down and goes to concerts.

15 – To live it up is to have a very good time by doing exciting or enjoyable things, or by spending lots of money.

Example – They stayed in a 5-star resort on their holiday and really lived it up.

16 – If you make someone’s day, you make their day happy and enjoyable.

Example –  His parents bought him a new bicycle and it really made his day.

children having fun in the sand for idioms about fun

17 – To monkey around is to spend time fooling around and having fun while not being productive or useful at all.

Example –The children like to monkey around after school and often don’t do their homework.

18 – If something is more fun than a barrel of monkeys, it is extremely funny and or enjoyable. This is another one of the strange idioms about fun.

Example – “Did you enjoy the waterslide park?”, “Yes, it was more fun than a barrel of monkeys”.

19 – If you paint the town red, you go out and have a really good time, usually in a city at night with dancing and drinking in bars and clubs.

Example – He went out and painted the town red last night and is still sleeping this afternoon.

20 – Time flies when you are having fun simply means that when you are enjoying yourself, time passes very quickly.

Example – Our vacation was over so quickly, time flies when you’re having fun.

21 – With bells on is used to express that you are excited and keen to do something

Example – “Are you coming to the party tomorrow night?”, “Of course, I’ll be there with bells on”.

people having a blast on a ride
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