jungle animals worksheet

5 free jungle worksheets

Fun jungle worksheets

Here are some jungle worksheets for ESL that are fun. There are vocab matching sheets, a word search, and a spot the difference puzzle all with animals and things found in the jungle. The worksheets include things and animals found in Asian and American jungles.

These free PDF printables will come in handy if you are teaching animals or nature. They are also perfect to warm up before chatting with your class using the jungle conversation questions.

The answers to the first jungle animals worksheet above are –

1 Piranha 2 Anteater, 3 Rhinocerous Beetle, 4 Anaconda, 5 Poison Dart Frog, 6 Sloth, 7 Jaguar, 8 Armadillo, 9 Orangutan, 10 Flamingo, 11 Tapir, 12 Iguana, 13 Toucan, 14 Lemur, 15 Ocelet, 15 Macaw.


In the jungle worksheet

This printable has 20 different things and animals found in the jungle. The answers to this worksheet are –

1 River, 2 Hive, 3 Centipede, 4 Branch, 5 Gorilla, 6 Mosquito, 7 Tropical Fruit, 8 Nest, 9 Sloth, 10 Beetle, 11 Dragonfly, 12 Indian, 13 Storm, 14 Snake, 15 Vine, 16 Waterfall, 17 Berries, 18 Parrot, 19 Orchid, 20 Leaf.

In the Jungle worksheet 2

A second vocabulary and picture matching activity with some differences in the jungle things.

The solution to this worksheet is –

1 Leaves, 2 Log, 3 Piranha, 4 Bamboo, 5 Jaguar, 6 Trees, 7 Rain, 8 Plant, 9 Compass, 10 Bee, 11 Frog, 12 Crocodile, 13 Swamp, 14 Stump, 15 Volcano, 16 Palm Tree, 17 Mushroom, 18 Bird, 19 Butterfly, and 20 Bridge.

Jungle Animals Word Search

A fun activity that you can use together with the other worksheets.

There are 20 jungle animals to be found in this puzzle. The words can be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and spelt backwards.


Jungle Birds Spot the difference

These two pictures have 10 differences. Note that you can only find them in color.

If you like this activity, have a look at the spot the difference printable worksheets.

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