25 friendship conversation questions

50 friendship conversation questions

50 Printable friendship conversation questions

Friends are an important part of our lives. Having friends makes us happier people and can also help us in times of trouble. It is an interesting topic of discussion for pretty much everyone on the planet. You can discuss these questions about friendship with your students, classmates, colleagues, family, and……….friends!

For ESL and English learners, the first set of discussion questions about friendship has a few challenging words. Difficult terms you might need to go over with your class before starting the first speaking activity include – personality, appearance, grow apart, in person, risk, trust, characteristics, betrayed, and lent (lend).


The first worksheet above has these friendship conversation questions –


1 – Who is your best friend? Where did you meet? What things do you both like?

2 – Can you describe the personality and appearance of your best friend?

3 – What is the difference between a friend and an acquaintance?

4 – In what ways do friends grow apart as they get older?

5 – Where is a good place to go if you want to make new friends?

6 – Do you have any online friends or pen friends that you have never met in person?

7 – Have you ever asked a friend for help? What kind of help did you need?

8 – What was the last thing you did to help out a friend?

9 – How many friends do you have on social media?

10 – Do you think that any of your friends would risk their life for you?

11 – Do you have any friends that you would never want to live with? Why not?

12 – Can men and women be friends without romance?

13 – What kinds of things do you and your friends do together?

14 – Have you ever had to end a friendship? Why did you stop being friends?

15 – Do your parents like all your friends? Have they ever told you they didn’t like one?

16 – Who is your oldest friend? How long have you known them?

17 – Do you find it easy or difficult to make new friends?

18 – How many of your friends would you trust with the keys to your house?

19 – Where would you go to make friends if you moved to a different country?

20 – What do you think are the characteristics of a good friend?

21 – Has a friend ever let you down or betrayed you? What happened?

22 – Do you think people can be best friends with animals?

23 – Do all your friends know each other or do you meet them separately?

24 – Have you ever lent money to a friend? Did they pay you back?

25 – When is the next birthday of one of your friends? What will you buy them

25 friendship conversation questions 2
Friendship conversation questions 2

The challenging words and phrases in this next set of questions about friends include – argument, commit a crime, close friend,  imaginary, and lose contact.


The second handout has these friendship conversation questions –


26 – What is the last fun activity that you did with a friend?

27 – What kind of outdoor activities do you and your friends do?

28 – Why do you think people say that dogs are “man’s best friend”?

29 – Have you ever had a big argument or fight with a friend? What was it about?

30 – Is there anyone who you think will be your friend forever?

31 – Do you live with any friends? Are there any things they do that annoy you?

32 – What would you do if a good friend committed a crime? Would you tell on them?

33 – Do your parents have many friends? What do they do together?

34 – Would you ever lend one of your friends $1000 or more? What for?

35 – What do you think is the difference between love and friendship?

36 – How many close friends do you have? Do you see them all often?

37 – Are all your friends around the same age as you? Do you have any older friends?

38 – Do you ever meet friends for drinks? What do you usually drink together?

39 – What kind of people don’t make good friends?

40 – How do you usually choose your friends?

41 – Can you trust your friends to keep important secrets?

42 – How can you tell if somebody isn’t really a good friend?

43 – What would you do if a friend stole something from you?

44 – When do you plan to next meet a friend? What do you plan on doing with them?

45 – Do you think it is important for children to have friends? Why?

46 – Some children have imaginary friends, why do you think this happens?

47 – Have you ever lost contact with a friend? How could you find them again?

48 – When do you prefer to be alone and not see friends?

49 – If you were having a party this weekend, how many people would you invite?

50 – Have you ever been upset that a friend didn’t invite you to something? What was it?

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