Kitchen appliances worksheet

Kitchen appliances worksheet

A vocabulary matching exercise of 16 common appliances found in the kitchen. The answers reading from left to right are – toaster, coffee machine, blender, oven, mixer, scales, refrigerator, rice cooker, microwave, kettle, stove, juicer, meat grinder, dishwasher, hand blender, and sandwich maker.

To use this worksheet in class it is a good idea to describe the items so that students can listen and grasp the definitions. You can do this orally and have them listen or write sentences on the board.

Simple sentences such as these will help students complete the vocabulary matching exercise –

We use a toaster to toast sliced bread.

We use a coffee machine to make coffee.

We use a blender to mix things and make smoothies and milkshakes.

We use an oven to bake cakes and cook large pieces of meat.

Do this for all the kitchen appliances that students are unfamiliar with.

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