natural disasters questions for discussion classes

25 natural disasters questions

Natural disasters questions

There are some difficult words on this printable and you may want to pre-teach words such as – eruption, high winds, prepare, meteor, drought, hailstorm, earthquake, doomsday prepper, struck and lightning.

Discussion questions about natural disasters –

Are there any volcanoes in your country?

What is dangerous about volcanic eruptions?

What causes a tsunami? What countries have them?

What natural disasters occur in your country? Which have you seen?

Have you ever been afraid during a storm or high winds?

What is the difference between a hurricane, cyclone, and a typhoon?

How would you prepare if you knew a dangerous storm was coming?

What would happen if a giant meteor hit planet earth?

Have you seen any good disaster films? What happened in the films?

If the end of the world was coming, what would you do in your last week?

What causes a forest fire? Does your country have them?

Which do you think is more dangerous, a flood or a drought?

Have you ever been in a hailstorm? What did you do?

What happens when an earthquake hits?

Do you think animals know when a natural disaster is coming?

What is the worst natural disaster you know of? When did it happen?

What disasters do you think there will be more of in the future?

Have you ever helped people after a disaster? How did you help?

Which countries experience sandstorms?

What do you think about doomsday preppers?

Have you ever heard of someone being struck by lightning?

Are there any good things that come from natural disasters?

Are there any places you wouldn’t want to live because of natural disasters?

Has the weather ever damaged something that you owned?

There are also 6 natural disasters worksheets to go along with this activity that include vocabulary matching, writing, and puzzles.

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Disaster idioms and expressions

Here are some interesting disaster-related sayings to share with your class.

If something is a recipe for disaster this means the act of doing something will end badly or result in an unfavourable way. For example, if you spend all your money and you don’t have a job, it is a recipe for disaster.

To flood someone with something is to give them too much of it. A person might be flooded with work or flooded with emails.

Even trivial things can be called a disaster if they go badly. A badly baked cake or an attempt to do something that doesn’t go well can be referred to as – a disaster.

If a person holds in a lot of anger and then finally lets it all out they can be said to erupt like a volcano.

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