crime conversation questions

50 crime conversation questions

50 crime conversation questions

50 questions about crime on worksheets with picture description activities for ESL learners. These are great for discussion classes and lessons about crime.

Difficult words and phrases to teach before talking about the conversation questions include – commit, petty, penalty, graffiti, break the law, break into, shoplift, witness, prison, and recently.

The crime conversation questions are –


1 – Have you ever committed a crime? What was it?

2 – What crimes do people commit online? Have you ever been a victim?

3 – Do you know of any famous robberies? Were the criminals caught?

4 – How safe is your town or city? Are there any bad areas?

5 – Have you ever broken the law? (Maybe a petty crime like littering)

6 – Do you think people should carry guns to protect themselves?

7 – Have you ever had something stolen? What was it? What did you do?

8 – What crimes have been in the news recently?

9 – Have you ever witnessed a crime? Did you report it to the police?

10 – Do people in your country shoplift? What kind of things do they steal?

11 – What crimes are most common where you live?

12 – Do you always lock your house when you go out? Why do you lock it?

13 – Do you think your country is safe? What is the safest city?

14 – If a close friend committed a serious crime, what would you do?

15 – Have you ever spoken to the police? What did you talk about?

16 – If you heard someone breaking into your house what would you do?

17 – Which countries have the most crime? Which are safest?

18 – Is there a mafia where you live? What do they do?

19 – What do you think of the death penalty?

20 – What would happen if you were caught stealing a phone in your country?

21 – Can you think of a situation where it is okay to commit a crime?

22 – What do you think about graffiti? Is there much of it in your town/city?

23 – Do you think rich people commit a lot of crimes?

24 – What are prisons like in your country? What is the biggest prison?

25 – Do you like the police? Why or why not?

If you found this worksheet helpful, you might also want to look at the police conversation questions or the crimes writing worksheet.


Crime conversation questions 2

Here is a second worksheet of discussion questions about crime. The difficult words on this free printable include – reduce, sign, CCTV, detective, punish, punishment, consider, knock, safe, strongbox, trespass, and crime scene.

The second worksheet has these crime conversation questions –


26 – Have you ever had to pay a fine for breaking the law? How much was the fine?

27 – What do you think is the most common crime in your country?

28 – What are some ways to reduce crime?

29 – Is littering a crime where you live? What is the punishment?

30 – What are some signs that a town or neighborhood has a lot of crime?

31 – Why do you think people become criminals? What are the main reasons?

32 – What do you think of CCTV in public areas? Would you like it to be everywhere?

33 – Is it safe to walk around alone late at night where you live?

34 – Do you think you could be a good detective? What skills does a detective need?

35 – Are there many traffic police in your country? What crimes do they look for?

36 – What crimes do you think are punished too heavily in your country?

37 – How do you think crime will change in the future? Will there be more or less?

38 – If you left a bike outside your house overnight, would it be there in the morning?

39 – Do you know of any famous criminals? What did they do?

40 – What happens to drug users in your country? What about drug dealers?

41 – If you were very poor and hungry, would you consider stealing?

42 – What would you think if a police officer knocked on your door?

43 – How many different crimes can you name in 30 seconds?

44 – What do you think the punishment for drunk driving should be?

45 – If you were on the run from the police, where would be the best place to hide?

46 – Do you have a safe or strongbox in your home? What is in it?

47 – Have you ever trespassed? Where did you trespass? Why did you do it?

48 – What kinds of crimes happen on public transport?

49 – What crime worries you the most? How can you prevent it from happening?

50 – What kinds of things do police officers do at crime scenes?

crime photo of a gun and money