long u words with pictures

48 free long u words with pictures

Long u words with pictures

Here we have some fun resources for teaching the long U sound. These are great for teaching both ESL students and younger learners in native English-speaking countries.

The long U words with pictures cards are engaging for all students and are great for learning games. There is also a long U word list and some fun practice sentences.

The long U actually has 2 different kinds of pronunciation with one being an oo sound and the other a yoo sound. Examples of oo are words such as moon, igloo, pool, ruby, and suit. The yoo sound is in words such as tube, stew, unicorn, and fruit.

It is also interesting to note that there are eight different variations of spelling that can create long U words. These are the combinations of the letters – EU, EW, OO, OU, U, U_E, UE, and UI.


How to use the long U words with pictures

There are 48 free downloadable long U words with pictures cards that feature beautiful photographs along with words. They can be used in all your most popular flashcard games. Here are some extra ideas on how you can use them once you have downloaded, printed, and cut them out.

  • Cut the words from the bottom of the pictures and ask your students to match each word and picture correctly. Be sure that they say the words as they do this.
  • Print out 2 sets of your desired long U words with pictures cards and play a memory game by turning them upside down. Students should turn over 2 cards at a time and try to get a matching pair which they keep and count as 1 point. If the cards do not match they turn them back over where they were and let the next player take a turn.
  • Ask your students to arrange the cards in alphabetical order. They can also be arranged according to sound (oo or yoo) or even in the 8 forms of spelling mentioned above.
  • Let students choose 2 or more cards at random and see if they can create sentences with them. This can be very humorous as they will often end up with very silly sentences.

Long U word list

Here is a list of long u words that you may find useful to create your own pronunciation activities.

Bear in mind depending on nationality some of these words may not contain the long U sound. For example, the word “route” uses a long U in British English but does not in North American English.

Amuse Argue Attitude Altitude Barbecue
Beautiful Beauty Blew Bloom Blue
Boot Brew Broom Bruise Brute
Bugle Canoe Cashew Chew Choose
Chute Clue Computer Confuse Continue
Cool Coop Coupon Crew Cruise
Cube Cuckoo Cucumber Cue Cupid
Cure Cute Dew Do Drew
Droop Dude Due Duet Duke
Dune Duty Eucalyptus Eulogy Europe
Ewe Excuse Feud Feudal Few
Flew Flu Flue Fluke Flume
Flute Food Fool Frugal Fruit
Fuel Fume Fuse Future Gloomy
Glue Goo Goose Grew Groove
Group Hew Hoot Hue Human
Igloo Issue Juice June Junior
Jupiter Jute Knew Kook Loop
Loose Lose Luge Lure Lute
Menu Mew Moo Mood Moon
Move Movie Mule Muse Museum
Music Mutate Mute Nephewe New
News Newt Noodle Nuke Numeral
Pew Pool Proof Proove Prune
Puke Pule Pupil Pure Recoup
Recruit Rescue Room Roost Route
Ruby Rude Ruin Rule Ruler
Rumor Ruse School Scoop Shampoo
Shewed Shoe Shoo Shoot Shrew
Shrewd Smooth Soon Soup Spook
Spruce Statue Stew Stool Student
Studio Stupid Sue Suit Super
Swimsuit Threw Through Tissue To
Too Tool Tooth Troops Troupe
Truce True Truth Tuba Tube
Tuesday Tulip Tuna Tune Two
Unicorn Unicycle Uniform Unique Unit
Unite Universe University Use Usual
Utensil Vacuum View Virtue whew
Who Wound Yahoo You Youth
Yule Zoo

Practice sentences with long U words

These long U words sentences are good fun for pronunciation practice. See if your students can create their own. Often you will end up with sentences that are kinds of tongue twisters.

She used the vacuum on Tuesday as usual.

Tuna soup and goose stew are on the menu.

Barbecue chew in a eucalyptus canoe.

Tulips and troupes in a university zoo.

Students go to school soon in June.

Music on the moon and noodles on Jupiter.

Sue threw a tissue at a museum statue.

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