free printable dragon craft template

4 free printable dragon craft templates

Free printable dragon craft templates

Here are some more great free papercraft activities. These free printable dragon craft templates come in both color and black and white. You can get your students to color in the black-and-white templates themselves using any colors that they like.

These activities can be used to supplement any classes that are related to fantasy, animals, Chinese New Year, or anything else you deem suitable. They are also just plain fun for children and help develop their motor skills with coloring, cutting, and pasting.

Dragons appear in the historical mythology of many different countries. They often vary in appearance and folklore depending on each culture. Sometimes they are winged, sometimes not. They are sometimes associated with guarding piles of treasure and are often said to have been able to breathe fire. For some people, they can be associated with luck whereas for others they have a more sinister meaning. These reptilian serpent beasts really do have an interesting history which makes these craft activities quite versatile as to when and how they can be used!

How to use the printable paper dragon templates

What you will need to make the paper dragons –

  • scissors
  • glue or stapler
  • a blank piece of paper or card to assemble the dragons on.
  • colored pencils or crayons (optional)
  • split pins (optional)

These craft activities can be as basic as cutting and pasting onto a piece of paper. As mentioned above you can also involve coloring if you like.

Answer keys have been provided but it isn’t always necessary to use them. You can let your students get creative and assemble the dragons in any way they think is logical or fun.

Cutting the pieces out and gluing them to card or paper is the most simple method of using the templates. They can also be put together with a stapler although that is a little more tricky.

You can also use split pins to assemble some parts of the first dragon craft template so that it has moving body parts such as its legs and wings. Other ideas are to turn them into hanging mobiles or use them in dioramas.

Free printable dragon craft templates 2

This second paper dragon activity features a similar happy dragon sitting next to a medieval castle tower. It is best assembled on cardboard or paper.

You can also use the assembled dragons as creative writing projects. Once completed, ask your class to write a short story about a dragon. They can even be research projects where students can learn and write about the colorful history of dragons in any given culture or country.

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