25 superstition conversation questions

25 curious superstition conversation questions

Superstition conversation questions

Superstition is the belief that something will either bring you good luck or misfortune. These beliefs are also about fate, destiny, and the supernatural. They are usually considered to be nonsensical or illogical because they are not based on science.

This is an interesting topic for intermediate level ESL learners and above, and you will find your students will get quite engaged with the questions about superstition.

The most difficult terms on this worksheet that you may need to go over before the discussion include – break, culture, Feng Shui, direction, witchcraft, full moon, psychic, astrology, tarot, reason, and cracks.

The superstition conversation questions are –

Do you believe in anything that brings good or bad luck? What is it?

What is something that other people believe in that you think is a superstition?

Are there any superstitions about breaking something in your culture?

Do you carry anything or keep something in your house for good luck?

Who is the most superstitious person you know? What things do they believe in?

Have you heard of any interesting superstitions from another country?

Are there any superstitions about food where you come from? What are they?

Would you say that you are a lucky or an unlucky person? Why do you think so?

What is something strange that you have seen or experienced but cannot explain?

Are any animals considered to be lucky or unlucky in your country?

Do you believe in Feng Shui? Do you care which direction your house faces? Why?

Are there any people that do witchcraft or magic in your culture? What do they do?

What is something that you can see or do that will bring you lots of good luck?

Who do you think are more superstitious, older or younger people? Why?

Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you know somebody who has seen a ghost?

What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you or your family?

How do you feel about full moons? Are these nights different from others?

Do you think that some people have psychic powers? What can these people do?

What do you think about astrology and reading tarot cards to tell the future?

Is there any number for a house or apartment floor that you would not live in?

Do you believe that your dreams have meanings? Can you give any examples?

What is your phone number? Did you choose the numbers for any reason?

Are you careful not to step on cracks when you walk? Why or why not?

Which country or culture in the world do you think is very superstitious? Why?

eyes hanging from a tree as an act of superstition

Extra activities

Once your class has completed discussing the superstition conversation questions you may want to continue with some further activities. Here are a few ideas –

  • Have your students do a research and writing project on superstitions around the world. Set them a target of say 10 of the most interesting superstitions that can find in other foreign countries.
  • Bring a copy of yesterday’s or last week’s horoscope predictions from a local newspaper. Ask your students what star signs they are and get them to evaluate how accurate the predictions were.
  • Give your students a list of superstitions that they may not have heard of and get them to guess what will happen, or whether is it good luck or bad luck if these things occur. For example, what would happen if an owl came into your house?
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