cat conversation questions for ESL classes

25 cat conversation questions

Cat conversation questions

The cat is said to be the most common pet in the world and most people have an opinion on them one way or another. Before discussing these cat questions you may want to go over some of the challenging words including – rodent, breed, feral, rescue, and superstition.

The cat conversation questions are –

What animals do cats like to catch?

Do you know anyone who keeps a cat to stop rodents?

How many different breeds of cats do you know of?

Are feral cats a problem in your home country?

What is the best thing to feed a pet cat?

Are you a cat person? What do you think about cats?

Would you like to keep a big cat such as a tiger for a pet? Why or Why not?

Have you ever had a pet cat? What did you call it?

What different kinds of sounds does a cat make?

In what ways are cats different from dogs?

Where would you go if you wanted to get a pet cat?

Have you ever seen a good movie about cats? What was it called?

What things would you teach a cat or kitten you brought home?

Are there animal rescue centres near your home?

Why do you think some cats run away?

Do any of your nieghbours keep cats?

Would you ever give a cat a bath? What about brushing its teeth?

What kind of toys do cats like to play with?

Would you let a cat sleep on your bed?

In some countries, people eat cats, what do you think of this?

Have you ever been scared by a cat? What happened?

How long do you think cats usually live for?

If you were a cat where would you like to live?

Do you think cats are good swimmers? What skills do they have?

Do you know any superstitions about cats?

a cat in a tree
Interesting cat facts for further activities

Here are some interesting cat facts that you can go through for further discussion. You can also use them to create a class quiz and see who gets the closest answer.

Cats sleep between 13 to 16 hours a day, around 2/3 of their lives.

Cats have 3 eyelids.

Cats have 32 muscles in their ears and can rotate them 180 degrees.

Domestic cat breeds can run at a speed of around 30 mph (48 kph).

Cats’ hearing is approximately 5 times better than ours.

Cats cannot taste anything sweet.

Cats can make over 100 different sounds.

In 1963 a cat went into space.

Raw fish and milk are not healthy for cats.


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