football vocabulary worksheet

Free football vocabulary worksheets

Football vocabulary worksheets

Here is a range of football vocabulary worksheets for ESL classes on the sport. There is a huge amount of vocabulary related to football or soccer, and the first 3 handouts consist of completely different words and pictures. You may want to use 2 or more of them in your class if you think your students are up to the challenge or are avid football fans. If you think the worksheets are too challenging, let your pupils use a dictionary or simply assign the task as homework.

Afterward, if you want to get your students to practice speaking, think about using the football conversation questions for a discussion activity.

The correct answers for the first handout above should be as follows –

Corner Flag – World Cup – Captain – Tournament – Corner Kick

Volley – Referee – Half-Time – Short Pass – Manager

Pitch/Field – Assist – Header – Football Club – Long Pass

Boots – Air Horn – Penalty Kick – Scoreboard – Whistle


Football vocabulary worksheet 2

The answers for this handout are –

Trophy – Booking – Supporter – Keepers Gloves – Linesman

Save – Medal – Stadium – Hit the bar – Shot

Stopwatch – Goal – Catch – Celebration – Dribble

Match ticket – Tactics – Handball – Football Kit – Corner


Football words and phrases worksheet 3

The correct answers here are –

Scout – First-Aid – Centre Circle – Kick-Off – Extra Time

Home Game – Dressing Room – Bench – Foul – Coin Toss

Live Stream – Away Game – Throw In – Commentator – Wall

Tranfer – Slide Tackle – Miss – Substitution – Offside

Basic football vocabulary

Here is an easy worksheet with 16 of the most common footballing terms. It is useful for beginners and elementary students.

The answers here are –

Pitch/Field – Manager – Football Kit – Goalkeeper

Header – Trophy – Flags – Goal

Whistle – Kick – Referee – Stadium

Boots – Corner KIck – Half-Time – Penalty Box


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