moon conversation questions for ESL

25 Moon conversation questions

Moon conversation questions

A free discussion worksheet about the Earth’s moon. There are a few difficult words on this handout that you may need to pre-teach including – hoax, traditional, tale, eclipse, lunar calendar, claim, territory, form, crater, moon cycle, behave, and orbit.


The moon conversation questions are –

1 – In what ways does the moon look different at different times of year?

2 – Would you like to visit the Earth’s moon? What would you do there?

3 – Do you know who the first person to walk on the moon was? What year was it?

4 – Some people think the moon landings were a hoax. What do you think of this?

5 – How does the moon affect the Earth?

6 – What would be different about the Earth if it had no moon?

7 – Do you know any traditional tales or stories about the moon?

8 – Have you ever walked or done something in the bright moonlight? What did you do?

10 – Do you think that one day people will live on the moon? What will they eat?

11 – Have you ever seen an eclipse of the moon?

12 – Which countries do you know of have lunar calendars?

13 – Have you ever taken a photograph of the moon? Was it a good picture?

14 – How does the moon affect fishing and farming?

15 – Do you think someday countries will claim territory on the moon as their own?

16 – How far do you think the moon is from the Earth?

17 – What country do you think will put people on the moon next?

18 – Do you know how moons are formed?

19 – What caused the craters on the moon?

20 – Do you know of any festivals or holidays that are based on the moon’s cycles?

21 – In what year do you think tourists will be able to visit the moon?

22 – When you look at the moon from your country, what can you see?

23 – Do you think that people behave differently when there is a full moon?

24 – If you look at the moon tonight, what will it look like?

25 – What difficulties would people face if they tried to live on the moon?

26 – How often does the moon orbit the Earth?

Note that the distance between the Earth and the moon changes due to its orbit but the average distance is 238,855 miles (384,400 km)

moonlight on the sea in the evening
Moon idioms

Here are some simple related expressions that you can introduce to your group after completing the moon conversation questions. If you want a larger list, check out the moon idioms page which has a comprehensive collection.


If someone is over the moon they feel very happy about something.

To do something once in a blue moon is to do it very rarely.

If you aim, reach, or shoot for the moon you set your ambitions very high.

If you ask for the moon you ask for too much that cannot reasonably be given.

When talking about something that happened a long time ago in the past, a person might say it happened many moons ago.

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