natural disasters worksheet

6 interesting natural disasters worksheets

Natural disasters worksheets

A collection of free natural disasters worksheets for ESL, science, and general English classes.

The first worksheet above is a picture and word vocabulary matching exercise with 16 natural disasters.

The answers to this handout are -1 Hailstorm, 2 Asteroids, 3 Sinkhole, 4 Flood, 5 Earthquake, 6 Forest fire, 7 Tsunami, 8 Thunderstorm, 9 Drought, 10 Tornado, 11 Hurricane, 12  Avalanche, 13 Volcanic eruption, 14 Sandstorm, 16 Snowstorm, and 17 High winds.

To help students complete the worksheet you can give them clues such as – “An asteroid is a large rock that comes from space into our sky” or “An avalanche is snow falling down a mountain”.

Many of the disasters are self-explanatory, just give assistance where you feel the class needs it.

There is also a related natural disasters conversation questions worksheet for discussion classes.

Natural disasters writing worksheet

This is the first of 3 natural disasters worksheets for writing.

In this task students are to identify and write about 3 natural disasters – floods, droughts, and wildfires or forest fires.

Students are to write the disaster’s name, what happens during the disaster, how it is caused, and how we can survive or prepare for the events.

Natural disasters writing 2

This worksheet is the same as the one above except that it has 3 different natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes.

You can use both sheets together or individually depending on how much time you have. It is also a good idea to do one in class and set the other as homework.

Natural disasters writing prompt

A simple creative writing task with a picture prompt of a flood (it could also be a tsunami).

Depending on your class’s level, you might want to provide them with any vocabulary in the picture that they are not familiar with.

You can also introduce other flood vocabularies to help them such as – flow, wave, deluge, downpour, stream, torrential, float, sink, and rise.

Easy natural disasters word search

The next 2 natural disasters worksheets are word search puzzles.

This first one is easier because the 15 words to find have been given. The words can be found horizontally, vertically, and diagonally but noy backwards.

Hard natural disasters word search

You can use this fun puzzle worksheet if you really want to challenge your class!

The clues here are pictures which they must identify. The words can also be found in all directions and even written backwards. From left to right the pictures represent these events –

forest fire, volcanic eruption, hurricane, snowstorm, hailstorm

earthquake, flood, drought, sinkhole, sandstorm

tsunami, tornado, thunderstorm, meteors, and avalanche.

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