25 cities conversation questions for ESL classes

25 cities conversation questions

Cities conversation questions

Discussion questions about cities for speaking classes. Just about everyone has been to a city so it is a very easy topic to talk about. The free printable PDF also has a picture description activity.

If your students or group don’t live in a city, you can just talk about the closest one to them. Challenging words in this handout include – district, skyscrapers, modern, historical, landmark, slum, design, and capital.

The cities conversation questions are –


1 – How many people live in your city? What is the busiest district or area?

2 – What is something that your city is famous for?

3 – What is the biggest city in your country? Is it clean?

4 – Do you live near any skyscrapers? What buildings are they?

5 – What is the most dangerous city you know of?

6 – What is the greenest city in your country?

7 – What cities have you visited as a tourist? Which was your favorite?

8 – Do you prefer modern cities or historical ones?

9 – What city in the world would you most like to visit?

10- What famous landmarks do you know of? Which cities are they in?

11 – Do people walk much in your home city? How do people usually get around?

12 – What are the best and worst things about living in big cities?

13 – Are there any slums in your country?

14 – How do you think cities will change over the next 100 years?

15 – If you were going to design a city what would you put in it?

16 – What are some fun things to do when visiting a new city?

17 – How many capital cities can you think of?

18 – What 3 adjectives would you use to describe your country’s capital city?

19 – What can be done to clean up a polluted city?

20 – Do you know of any cities that have been destroyed? What happened?

21 – What sports teams does your closest city have? Do you support them?

22 – What city have you been to that has a good transportation system?

23 – What are the main industries of your closest city?

24 – What world city do you think has the best food? Clothing? Museums?

25 – Is there a city you don’t like or never want to visit?

If you get to talking about famous landmarks, the world landmarks worksheets will also be useful as will the world flags worksheets.


a busy city at night

City idioms

Once you have completed discussing the cities conversation questions, try introducing some of these fun city idioms to your class.

A person who comes to the countryside from a city who has no idea about life in rural areas can be called a city slicker.

A concrete jungle is used to describe a busy city without many trees.

A marble city is slang for a cemetery, while a cardboard city refers to place where many homeless people live.

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