25 news conversation questions

25 news conversation questions

News conversation questions

News is a topic that everyone can discuss. Some people like news about sports or weather whereas others prefer international news or celebrity gossip. You can use the news conversation questions to find out what kind of news your students or friends like, and where they get it from.

The most difficult term on this discussion worksheet include – channel, source, gossip, forecast, outdated, bother, journalist, reporter, and foreign.

The news conversation questions are –


Do you watch the news on television every day? At what time and which channel?

How often do you check the latest news? Where do you usually get it from?

What kind of news do you find the most interesting? National or international?

What is the latest piece of important news in your country right now?

Do you ever use social media as a source of news? Which platforms do you use?

What would you say is the difference between news and gossip?

Have you or anyone you know ever been on or in the news? What for?

What is the most interesting news story you have heard in the last month?

Do you always check the weather forecast? Where do you get weather news from?

What is your favorite kind of news that you follow? Why does it interest you?

Do you know people who still buy newspapers? Do you think they are outdated?

Is there a local newspaper for your area? What was on the last front page you saw?

Do you believe all the news on TV and in newspapers? Why or why not?

What kind of news do you dislike reading or watching? Why does it bother you?

Would you like to be a reporter or journalist? What things would you like to report?

Do you ever listen to the news on the radio? Where and when do you do this?

What is some good news you have read or heard this week? Why is it good news?

Are you interested in the news of any foreign countries? Which ones and why?

If you were going to be on the news tomorrow, what would you like it to be for?

Does the news ever make you feel stressed? Can you give an example of this?

Do you ever get news from magazines? Which ones, and what are they about?

If you created your own newspaper or news program, what would you call it?

What do you think is the most popular news outlet in your country?

Do you sometimes get news from friends or neighbors? What kind of news?

2 men broadcasting radio news

News idioms and expressions

Once you have completed the news conversation questions, you can continue the discussion by introducing and talking about these news expressions.

  • If a person says “That’s news to me“, they are saying that they have learned some new information they previously didn’t know about.
  • The expression “No news is good news” means that most news people receive is usually bad therefore they would rather have none.
  • If you break the news to someone you are the first person to tell them about something that is important.
  • News that comes by word of mouth comes from people physically telling each other.
  • A media darling is a person who loves being in or on the news and media.
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