25 environment conversation questions

25 Environment conversation questions

Environment conversation questions

The natural world is an important topic that has many interesting opinions. Try these environment conversation questions with English learners, friends, colleagues, and family. It is bound to get people talking.

For ESL learners this is best suited to upper-intermediate level learners and above. The most challenging terms that you may need to teach before starting the discussion include – environmentally friendly, products, issues, climate change, environmentalist, pollution, carbon footprint, protected, national park, industries, damage, positive, and negative.

The discussion questions about the environment are –


1 – Do you ever buy environmentally friendly products? Can you give some examples?

2 – How would you describe the environment where you live? Are you happy with it?

3 – Do you do anything to help the natural environment? What things can people do?

4 – Which environmental issue worries you the most? How can it be fixed?

5 – What kinds of things does your country’s government do to help the environment?

6 – How do you feel about climate change? Do you think it is natural or man-made?

7 – Have you seen a story about the environment in the news lately? What was it?

8 – Are there any environmentalists in your country? What kinds of things do they do?

9 – Is the much pollution in your country? How does pollution affect the environment?

10 – What kinds of jobs help the environment? Would you like to do any of these jobs?

11 – Which country in the world do you think has the most environmental problems?

12 – What is a product that people could stop using or buying to help the environment?

13 – Do you worry about the health of the world’s oceans? What problems do they have?

14 – How do you feel about your carbon footprint? Have you ever planted any trees?

15 – Would you ever consider not eating meat to help the environment? Why or why not?

16 – Where is a place that you would like to live that has a beautiful natural environment?

17 – What do you think is the cleanest way to produce electricity and energy?

18 – Are there many animals in and around your hometown? What animals are there?

19 – Does your country have too many people? How can this affect the environment?

20 – What are your hopes for the environment in the future? Are they likely to happen?

21 – Where’s a place that you would like to be protected and turned into a national park?

22 – What kinds of things can you recycle to reduce waste and help the environment?

23 – Which industries do the most damage to the environment? What do they do?

24 – Do you think that you have a positive or negative impact on the environment? Why?

25 – If you were given 10 million dollars to help the environment, what would you do?

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