25 bucket list conversation questions

25 inspiring bucket list conversation questions

Bucket list conversation questions

These bucket list conversation questions are a fantastic way to find out what things people want to do, see, and achieve while they are alive.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term bucket list, it is essentially a list of things that people want to do in their lifetimes. The phrase most likely originates from a popular movie of the same title.

It is about 2 men who don’t have long to live and try to achieve a list of things before they pass away. The use of the word bucket most likely comes from the English idiom “to kick the bucket” which means to die.


The bucket list conversation questions are –


1 – If you created a new bucket list today for the next 10 years, how many things would be on it?

2 – What are 5 places that you hope to visit one day? Why do you choose these places?

3 – Is there something that you would like to make, build, or create by yourself?

4 – What is a thing you would like to do one day that is extremely relaxing?

5 – Do you have any fears that you would like to conquer? How would you do this?

6 – What is an activity you would like to do that involves danger? How is it dangerous?

7 – Is there a famous person you would like to meet? What would you say to them?

8 – What is an animal that you would like to meet or touch in the wild?

9 – Does your bucket list involve any food? What do you want to eat and where?

10 – What is something that you want to do that is very physically challenging?

11 – Is there something that you wish you could do for a family member in the future?

12 – What’s a thing that you’d like to buy in your lifetime? What would you do with it?

13 – Do you have any bucket list ideas that involve rivers or the ocean? What are they?

14 – Are there any sports teams or events that you hope to watch one day? Which ones?

15 – Can you think of something that you want to do someday with a group of friends?

16 – Is there a musical instrument that you would like to learn to play? Which one?

17 – Does your bucket list have any financial or career goals? How can you achieve them?

18 – Do any of your friends have any interesting bucket list ideas? What are they?

19 – What is something that you would like to do on a mountain? Which mountain?

20 – Are there any famous landmarks or monuments that you really want to see?

21 – What is something that you want to avoid for the rest of your life? Why?

22 – Is there a journey that you want to undertake? How will you travel and where?

23 – Are there any festivals you want to go to? Where are they and what are they about?

24 – What is a new skill you would like to learn? How long do you think it would take?

25 – Do you have anything on your bucket list related to healthy living and exercise?

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Extra bucket list activity

Here is an idea you can use either before or after discussing the bucket list conversation questions.

Get your class to write their own bucket lists. You can set the length from 5 to 15 things depending on your student’s abilities and the time they have to complete the task.

It may be helpful to give them some prompts to get them started. Suggest things like in the bucket list discussion questions above. For example, places to visit, foods to eat, things to learn, events to see, things to buy, life goals, and health.

Once they are done they can rank them by how important they are and how much they want to do them.

Another fun idea is to get your students or friends to come up with their own bucket list conversation questions. This can be a creative writing and speaking task where they can use any kind of crazy ideas.

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