nuclear energy conversation questions

25 nuclear energy conversation questions

Nuclear energy conversation questions

Here is a list of discussion questions about nuclear energy for speaking activities. This is a difficult topic and is suitable for upper-intermediate level learners and above. The most difficult words in the exercise include – coal, reactor, alternative, disaster, power (verb), impact, floating, exposure, and radiation.

The nuclear energy conversation questions are –


Do you know how is nuclear energy is created? Can you explain it?

Do you think nuclear energy is clean? Is it cleaner than coal power?

Does your country have any nuclear reactors? Where are they located?

Would you live next door to a nuclear power plant? Would you work at one?

What do you know about the Fukushima disaster in Japan?

Are you for or against nuclear power? Why?

What do you think are the best alternatives to nuclear energy?

Where does the waste from nuclear power plants go?

What do you think should be done with nuclear waste? Where should it go?

Can you name 5 countries that have nuclear technology?

Do you think all countries should be allowed to have nuclear bombs? Why?

What things worry you the most about nuclear energy?

How many kilometers do you need to be from a nuclear disaster to be safe?

Do you think nuclear energy will one day be used to power spacecraft?

Which country in the world produces the most nuclear energy?

Would you own and drive a car that used nuclear fuel if they were available?

What kinds of things do workers at nuclear plants do to protect themselves?

Which would you choose between a choice of nuclear energy or no electricity?

What is nuclear energy used for in most countries?

In what ways does nuclear energy impact the environment?

What do you think of putting floating nuclear power plants in the ocean?

Do you think that nuclear energy has anything to do with climate change?

What problems can too much exposure to radiation cause?

What would you do if you were exposed to high levels of radiation?

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