free number chart 1-20 colored

Free number chart 1-20

Number chart 1-20 printables

Numbers are a fundamental part of learning any language and English is no exception. These free number chart 1-20 PDF printables make the task easy and can be used in lots of entertaining ways. Students learn much more quickly and effectively when they are enjoying themselves!

The pages are designed for young learners and ESL learners who are starting out at an elementary level. The first 1-20 numbers chart above contains lots of different colors to make it more engaging for students. You can even use it to teach colors alongside numbers!

Be sure to have a look at some of the teaching ideas below that will help both teachers and students deal with the learning of numbers.


How to use the Number chart 1-20 printables

There are a myriad of ways to use these charts to teach numbers. The first and most obvious thing to do is to ask students to count the numbers in sequence and point at a square and ask them what number it is. This is fine but there are many more entertaining ways to use them to good effect. Here are some ideas –

1 – Count backward.  This is not the normal way numbers are taught and will get students thinking and therefore learning the numbers proficiently.

2 – Flip a coin. Ask students to flip a coin (or any small object) onto the 1 to 20 number chart and name the number it lands on. This little bit of physical activity makes the lesson much more fun.

3 –  Writing. If your students are old or advanced enough, you can get them to write the number names underneath the digits in each square. This helps with both remembering the numbers and spelling.

4 – Cut out the numbers. By cutting out each of the number squares you are also provided with new teaching activities. You can –

  • Ask students to arrange the cards in the correct order.
  • Put them in a line with a card or 2 in the wrong place and see if they can find the mistakes.
  • Get students to put 2 cards next to each other to create bigger numbers (you can overlap the numbers 10 and 20 if you need a zero).
  • Make it a cut and paste craft activity where students cut the squares out, shuffle them, then glue them in order on another sheet of paper or card.
  • Give students several numbers cards that they can stick to a sheet of paper and then ask them to draw the amount of objects that correspond to the number. This could be anything, 6 cats, 12 apples, 11 hats, any number of shapes, etc.

Number chart 1-20 coloring

The sheet above can be used to color the numbers 1 to 20 which makes it not only fun but great for young learners’ motor skills.

You can let your class color them as they like and then tell you the numbers and what color they are.

Alternatively, if you have enough colored pencils or crayons on hand you can also make it a listening exercise. Tell the class, “17 is yellow” “9 is blue”, and so on. They should listen carefully to your sentences and follow the instructions. You can even let one student at a time come to the front and choose a number and color and then dictate this to the class for you!

This page can also be used for writing practice. Students can trace inside the lines of the numbers with a pen or pencil.

1 to 20 number chart with missing numbers

The free printable PDF above has some of its number omitted. The idea is for learners to identify the missing numbers and fill them in with the correct ones.

Blank number chart 1-20

You can use the blank number chart above to get students to write all the numbers from one to twenty. You can also use it to create a missing number chart, or a number drawing chart (drawing shapes makes this easiest).

There are many other ways it can be used and you can your own ideas for it for educational activities and games.

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